Managing Your Projects and Deadlines

Working for will have to get as organized as possible. The website does keep track of your previous and current projects, also payments, however you will need to have your own system set up, too. Ensure you are keeping an eye on your projects, employers, deadlines and most importantly your payments. There are some great project software on the Internet, even for free. However, you can also keep track of your freelancer products, by setting up an Access database, and that will do the basic job and you can also write queries.

What are the records you need to keep?

  • You have to have the start dates and the deadlines of every project. It is important that you are not missing any deadlines just because your system is not working. You should be able to clearly view all the projects ending soon, so you can manage your time wisely.
  • You also have to give every project a unique name, and have to know who is the project for. It is useful to know who are your best customers, and you will be able to rank projects by importance. If an employer has already spent a couple of hundred dollars on your work in the past month, you will have to ensure you are not losing him by being late of not completing the project on time.
  • Most importantly, you will have to have the price of the project on file, and have a system to mark the payment received. You can use a system that is adding up the total price of all the projects you are working on, and also the amount received. If you see which completed projects are awaiting payment, you can send the employer a friendly reminder, and if you do not get an answer, you can start a dispute in time.
  • If you are completing freelance projects for a living, you will have to be registered as self employed, or set up your own company. Therefore you will need to keep track of your payments, as well as your invoices from Freelancer for project fees. There are many programs that do the work for you, they are called project management systems, for example GanttProject or Microsoft Project.