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5 Amazing Tricks to Lose Weight with Green Tea


Nutritionists and obesity experts recommend people taking daily a cup of green tea that helps to get rid of the stored fats in the body, where green tea contains a large amount of antioxidants that work to rid the body of the toxins stored in it, which are considered Fat ones. In this article, we will review the 5 amazing tricks that will help you lose weight faster by eating green tea for a sure and quick loss of weight.

5 Amazing Tricks to Lose Weight with Green Tea


Eat green tea with as little sugar as possible to avoid the negative effect of sugar, which nutritionists consider the most dangerous nutrients that are taken daily and which are caused by weight gain in addition to the health risks that may be exposed to the body, and you can reduce the amount of sugar gradually until Eat green tea without sugar.


Add lemon juice to your cup of green tea daily. Lemon is one of the most important nutrients that helps to lose fat, so that lemon contains antioxidants and vitamins that work to combat the effect of negative fats on the body.

How to prepare

To get a cup of green tea more effective weight loss put tea in the water before boiling and wait until boiling water and then eat warm, and you can eat green tea cold if the taste is warm and unpalatable for you, and prefer to add lemon juice to green tea after Cool until the heat of the tea does not affect the elements contained in the lemon and lose it.

Tea flavors

Drinking green tea may be difficult for some, but you can try to avoid it by taking a cup of green tea, which has delicious flavors such as jasmine, lemon or mint to get a better taste of tea.

One cup

Do not take more than a cup of green tea a day, because eating more than a cup may provide the body with a large amount of caffeine, which causes sleep disorders and insomnia, and prefer to eat a cup of green tea in the morning after finishing breakfast for at least an hour to avoid the effect of tea on the items that are included in the breakfast, and be careful to eat green tea on the stomach so as not to harm the health of the stomach.

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