7 Tips to avoid weight gain after Ramadan

Tips to avoid weight gain after Ramadan

After the end of the holy month of Ramadan, stop eating too much in the daytime and it became normal to drink water and eat in the day, and after the body used to eat in quantities and at certain times become eating at any time and in quantities larger than those used to eat the body in Ramadan month.

In this article, ZulWeb offers some tips to help you maintain your weight during the month of Ramadan so you can avoid weight gain after Ramadan.


It is known that the sugars contained in sweets help to gain weight and increase the amount of unwanted calories, eat only one piece of sweets you prefer in a day to prevent your body from gaining unwanted weight.

Good chewing

As a result of being preoccupied with watching television or talking to a family member, we may swallow food without chewing well. This causes indigestion to help you gain weight, so chew well and do not swallow it by concentrating while eating.

Quantities of food

During the month of Ramadan, we used to eat in small quantities and in small dishes, as well as on Eid. Eat in the same dishes that you used to eat during the month of Ramadan in the same quantities so as to avoid weight gain and to maintain your ideal weight.


Staying 8 hours a day is very important in maintaining weight and not gaining more calories after Ramadan, so be sure to stop eating before you go to sleep for at least 3 hours and do not grow less than 8 hours a day to maintain your weight.

Vegetable salad

Do not forget to eat a large plate of vegetable salad before you start to eat the main dishes to feed your body vegetables and to feel full after eating a small amount of food, taking power helps to enhance the sense of fullness.


Exercising on a daily basis helps you maintain weight and enjoy good health, so do some exercise every day for an hour so you can burn fat and maintain your ideal weight.


Drinking water daily and in large quantities helps to cleanse the body of toxins and purify the fat stored in it, so take care to take a quantity of water a day to enjoy the skin moist and perfect weight.


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