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A New Study says that Aloe Vera Gel Treats Psoriasis and Dandruff


Aloe Vera Gel or Aloe Vera is one of the most important gift given to us by nature, because it contains a lot of natural ingredients and chemical compounds are very useful for the body, especially the skin. With the multiplicity of benefits of Aloe Vera Gel and its abundance, according to what has been praised by studies and scientific research, a new scientific study shows that Aloe Vera Gel treats skin psoriasis and removes dandruff that affects many people.

Among these scientific studies revealed a recent study carried out in Austria by a group of Austrian experts and doctors found that Aloe Vera Gel is an effective treatment for all types of wounds and burns, especially in the skin in case of exposure to chronic psoriasis, which causes severe irritation in the skin With the appearance of scars and acute skin ulcers. After they discovered that Aloe Vera contains a large proportion of proteins and vitamins that help to heal the skin and identify the damaged cells and restore the rest of them.

The study was conducted on a group of women suffering from psoriasis by placing Aloe Vera Gel on the psoriasis area for two weeks. The results were effective and rapid and the skin was completely cured from this chronic disease. It also helped to moisten and purify the bacteria and bacteria accumulated on him.

The aloe vera gel, or aloe vera, is a topical cream for treating skin and psoriasis,” said Dr. Wilhelm praised the fact that aloe vera gel treats cases of sunburn, cuts and bruises that affect the skin effectively and naturally.

In this regard, some other German studies have shown that the benefits of aloe vera gel are innumerable. The most important of these is that it is a useful treatment for dermatitis, which causes scarring in the scalp. It is also considered a moisturizing cream for skin because it helps to stimulate the skin to produce collagen, which renews skin cells and rejuvenates them.

After the studies and the results, the German doctor and alternative medicine specialist Ulrich Bauschke said that Aloe Vera Gel is very useful in treating burns and stimulates the healing of wounds and moisturizing the skin. It also relieves itching and skin infections.

Not only that, but there is a new Chinese study by some Chinese researchers and proved that Aloe Vera Gel has the ability to treat hair problems, including scaly scalp because it contains a mixture of 20 amino acid contributes to the removal of the scalp from the crust and the inflammation that accompanies it .

Chinese experts found that Aloe Vera is a wonderful balm to calm scalp problems, after they discovered that Aloe Vera Gel helps to eliminate all the causes and factors that lead to the appearance of dandruff, including the elimination of dead cells of hair and reduce infections and fungi that feed on fat that Live in the scalp.

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