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A New Study Shows that Swimming Prevents Against Cancer


A new study finds that swimming reduces the risk of cancer of the damned, after researchers discovered that during the exercise of swimming increases the body’s secretion of adrenal hormone, which has a strong impact to prevent the incidence of malignant tumors.

One such study is an American scientific study conducted at the University of Copenhagen in the United States of America and published in the British medical journal Oncogene in July 2016. This study was conducted by a large group of American researchers and proved that the practice of swimming water limits the injury, the most common of which are cancer of the uterus, ovarian cancer and breast cancer, as well as prevention of the risk of lung cancer and kidney and liver cancer.

People with the dreaded disease of about 14 million a year can swim regularly because US researchers have indicated that swimming has the potential to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy and improve its ability to treat serious tumors. Swimming and physical activity also limit the spread of malignancies in the body and prevent their development or growth. It also limits the body’s infections. Which in the long run cause damage to DNA, raises the risk of cancer.

The researchers discovered this after they found that adrenaline hormone is increased by swimming. This hormone contributes to the activation of natural killer cells. These cells are present in the immune system, which helps activate its functions and improve its ability to kill malignancies.

The results of this study, the American swim sport increases the activity of secretion of the body of the substance “interleukin-6” This article above increases the help of the immune system and immune cells to kill and destroy tumors and malignant cancer cells fierce.

However, there are specific times for the practice of swimming and must be adhered to in order not to backfire, according to Dr. Manea Abdullah Al Harbi, consultant dermatologist and plastic surgeon. Dr. Mana said that it is dangerous to practice swimming at any time in the afternoon, whenever there is harmful UV rays to prevent skin cancer, as the sun increases the inflammation of the skin while in water and may not feel the sun because of water cooler but it seriously affects the Skin.

Dr. Mana warned against swimming at noon and peak times between 10 am and 4 pm in order to avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation, stressing that there is a lot of studies and recent scientific research that confirmed that skin burns frequently increase the risk of skin cancer.

Dr. Mana al-Harbi said that many people work in sunscreen during swimming, because they do not feel the effect of the sun on their skin while swimming. But UV rays affect the skin and cause burns, inflammation and redness with pain and itching. Sometimes it may be accompanied by skin bubbles and sepsis in severe cases. This is from ultraviolet rays and not from the heat of the sun. Dr. Manea recommends swimming in the early morning until 9 am or in the late hours of the evening.

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