Avanquest PC Speed ​​Maximizer V5.0.2 Download Full Version

Avanquest PC Speed ​​Maximizer

Avanquest PC Speed ​​Maximizer is fast, easy and safe! The program is designed so that even novice users can keep their computers running like new. Keeps your computer running like new and protects your privacy. PC Speed ​​Maximizer is an effective optimization software for your PC. It can quickly identify and repair errors on your system to avoid the crash or slow your machine. Avanquest PC Speed ​​Maximizer can perform a full scan of your disk and then guide you through the steps to follow for repairs. Avanquest PC Speed ​​Maximizer also supports the defragmentation of the registry and cleanup of unnecessary files that clutter your hard drive. For each transaction, you have many configure your own settings.

Avanquest PC Speed ​​Maximizer Features

  • Keep your computer running like new and protect your data with PC Speed Maximizer Platinum
  • Contains PC Speed Maximizer and AutoSave Essentials
  • Automatic PC optimisation and file backup
  • New! Backup & Restore for added security
  • New! Customise the scan to match your needs
  • New! Find and remove flash cookies
  • More powerful scans find even more errors
  • Backup & Restore for added security
  • Find and remove more privacy risks
  • Optimisation Reports
  • Easier than ever to remove programs from your start up menu
  • Speed Guard



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