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Download Xara Web Designer Premium


Xara Web Designer is a very powerful and professional software for designing web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript technology. With this software you will not need to have technical capability and even write a line of code, because all stages of design and manufacturing in this software will be visual and visual editor, and you just need to click on the time and accuracy carefully. Design the website. The websites designed by this software are compatible with various browsers such as Firefox , Chrome , Opera and Safari, and are optimized for search engines optimized for Seo Optimized.

Xara Web Designer is compatible with a variety of resolutions, so-called responsive or responsive, and also easily loaded on iOS and Andorid platforms. Graphically, the software has a fully-featured design and graphic software that allows you to design the graphic design of the website. Download Xara Web Designer is fully equipped with graphical tools for designing and coding for coding, and does not require any secondary software. The ability to add music and video and PDF files is also available on pages designed by Xara Web Designer. The ability to build flash pages also comes with the capabilities of the software.

To be fair, Xara doesn’t promote Web Designer 6 as the ultimate web solution. At it’s heart, Web Designer 12 is a good all-in-one DTP package with HTML export facilities.

Xara Web Designer Features

  • Minimal system requirements
  • Very fast start-up and editing
  • Easy-to-use graphic tools
  • No coding skills required
  • Flash and animation effects
  • Great help, videos and resources
  • A wide selection of templates
  • Easy to insert widgets for maps, video, social networks, etc.
  • Exported HTML pages are identical to your design
  • Good cross-browser support — IE6 works well!
  • Output to other formats such as PSD, PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG and GIF
  • Automated FTP publishing

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • Minimum 500 MB RAM
  • Minimum 300 MB hard disk space.
  • Intel® Celeron® or newer, or AMD® Sempron® or newer.


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