EximiousSoft Logo Designer V3.89 Full Version

EximiousSoft Logo Designer

EximiousSoft Logo Designer is a feature-rich app that has a wide range of tools to create quality looking logos for websites, banners, and presentations. EximiousSoft Logo Designer allows you to alter the default background color, resize the logo, add captions, use standard drawing tools such as rectangles, polygons, lines, import and export objects, zoom in and out, amongst others. As soon as you complete your project you can export it to JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TIFF or TGA.

EximiousSoft Logo Designer Features

High Quality Logo Templates & Cliparts

The logo program comes with 500+ attractive logo templates 300+ clip-arts. Which can help you to create eye-catched logos or other web graphics easily and quickly, even you have no design experience before.

Pure Vector Logo Templates & Cliparts

The EximiousSoft Logo Designer application offers you more than 540+ supreme quality logo templates and 300+ cliparts for design. When starting a new Logo design to select a template closest target as modeled, and then start your design journey with only a few modifications.

Logo Importing & Exporting

EximiousSoft Logo Designer allows you to import much logo resources from most popular file format like PNG / JPG / BMP / GIF / TIFF / EMF / WMF / PSD etc. It also can save logos to high-resolution ( up to 600 DPI ) of the images.

Importing & Exporting via Vector

EximiousSoft Logo Designer can import logo resources or export logos by pure vector file format as SVG / PDF / AI / PS / EPS / WMF /EMF or raster image file format as PNG / JPG etc. Each drawing elements can be edited freely when it is imported.

Pre-designed Logo Shapes Library

You can using mouse drag or click to add the shapes to your design freely. Beside that, each shape even text can be filled and stroked with a pure color, gradient colors, an image or a pattern as your needs.

Pre-designed Logo Shapes Library for Pro version

You can using mouse drag add related shapes to your design freely and then do some modifications later. Like standard Logo Designer, each shape even text can be filled and stroked with a pure color, gradient colors, an image or a pattern.

Render Logo With Effects

Each drawing element like a shape, a text even a group object can be render with drop shadow, outer glow, bevel edge and reflection effects. Even more, the logo creator offers perspective, lens and mesh distortion tools to transform paths.

Render Logo With Filters

The pro logo maker built-in 100+ render filters like Bevels / Blurs / Bumps / Distorts / Shadows / Glows / Textures etc. for drawing and designing. Which can helps you to create more shock and dazzle logo graphics by a few mouse clicks.

Edit Path Visually

The logo creator program supports common path boolean operates for selected paths: Union, Difference, Intersection, Exclusion, Division and Cut Path etc. Beside that, It supports to modify paths by move add, delete anchors or nodes.

Edit Path Visually for Pro version

The pro program has powerful Node tool to add, delete, move nodes or anchors visually, and join, break, corner, smooth symmetric, auto-curve nodes freely. It also supports path boolean operates like: Union, Difference, Intersection, Exclusion, Division and Cut Path etc.

30+ preseted distorted style for texts

The logo software has a more unique feature. It allows a text to wrap between two curves. In this way, when you change the path or shapes of these two curves, the shapes of the text also changed.

Layer Editing & Arrange Drawing Elements

Supports layer editing strongly. Supports move, rotate, scale and skew drawing objects by drag. Use the alignment and arrangement toolkit for editing and laying out design content, including shapes, texts and visual effects with your mouse.



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