FreeLance Graphics Design

What if you’re not a writer? Don’t despair there are so many other services you can offer as a freelancer. One of the most needed services is graphics work. If you’re handy with PhotoShop, Corel Draw or Gimp and have an eye for design, this might be the path for you. Again, figure out what businesses need and are willing to pay you to take off their hands. Go where the money is figure out what’s “hot.”

Become good and it and become known for it. Start small and build your reputation to work your way up. Below, I’ve given you some examples of in-demand services you can offer.

Graphics Designing


Ecovers are great because so many marketers and authors need them right now. Many people are publishing their own e-books or are publishing on platforms like Kindle. They are willing to pay good money for a professional looking cover.

Mini-sites, Headers, and More

Many businesses, bloggers, and website owners need great graphics for their websites and blogs. They are willing to pay to have headers, logos, and minisite graphics created for them. You can specialize in a certain style of website graphic to set yourself apart.

Doing It All

Set yourself up as a web graphics artist that does it all. The great thing about graphics is that it’s a skill not everyone has or takes time to learn. Yet, it’s a skill that’s very much needed. You can collect clients like crazy if you’re about to do all of their graphics for them. Clients become loyal to graphic artists because you create a “look” for their work that they become attached to.