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General Knowledge VI (PPSC, FPSC and NTS Job Test Preparation)


Now You can easily prepare any kind of Job test on ZulWeb. These Quizzes totally Abstract of All past papers of PPSC, FPSC and NTS. These Job Test Quizzes Contain All type of Knowledge regarding Job Test Preparation.

If you want to prepare online job tests and have Internet access on computer or mobile, do not be late, we will guide you completely. Many academies and institutions receive thousands of rupees to prepare for a job test. But no academy does not give any guarantee to pass the test. But we guarantee that you will easily pass any test if you read these questions half-an-hour daily.

General Knowledge (Job Test Preparation)

  1. Most blue eyed cats are what-Deaf
  2. The name of which animal means does not drink-Koala
  3. Collective Nouns – a Convocation of what-Eagles
  4. In proportion which animal has the largest eye-Cat
  5. Collective Nouns – a Cast of what -Falcons
  6. What European countries flag is square-Switzerland
  7. What is an octothrope-The # symbol
  8. Tigers have stripped fur – what colour is their skin-Stripped
  9. What bird has the most feathers per square inch-Penguin
  10. A dog is canine – what animal is ovine-Sheep
  11. A cat is feline – what animal is murine-Mouse or Rat
  12. The Golden Rain is the common name of what tree-Laburnum
  13. What countries nation anthem is Land of Two Rivers-Iraq
  14. Queen Alexandria’s is the worlds largest what-Butterfly 1 foot wing
  15. Collective nouns – A train of what -Camels
  16. Who said “The child is the father of the man”-Wordsworth
  17. Collective nouns – a streak of what-Tigers
  18. There are over 130000 species of what on earth-Butterflies
  19. Azote was the original name of what element-Nitrogen
  20. What animals cannot swim-Gorillas
  21. The UIT govern what sport-International shooting union
  22. There are more telephones than people in what city-Washington USA
  23. If you landed at Arlanda airport where would you be-Stockholm Sweden
  24. What country declared itself first atheist state in 1967-Albania – banned religion
  25. What is the Roman numerals for 3000-MMM
  26. What are Jean Bernard, Pierre St-Martin and Berger in France-Worlds deep caves
  27. Dallol Ethiopia has what claim to fame-Worlds hottest
  28. average place 94-Where are Bay of Heats and Bay of Dew Sinus Aestuum – Roris-Near side of Moon
  29. What is Canada’s oldest city founded in 1608-Quebec
  30. Narcotics comes from the Greek – what it literally mean-Electric eels – put on foreheads
  31. Siddhartha Gautama became better known as who-Buddha
  32. Where was Ice Cream invented- China
  33. What was Socrates wife’s name-Xanthippe
  34. What order of insects contains the most species-Beetles
  35. What is Rice Paper made from-A Tree – The Rice Paper Tree pith
  36. What is Nelson Mandela’s middle name-Rolihlahla
  37. Tenzin Gyatso became what in 1937-Dali Lama
  38. In what country was Mother Theresa born- Albania
  39. Reykjavik translates into what-Smoky Bay
  40. What is Christmas Disease-Mild Haemophilia
  41. What US state is the magnolia state-Mississippi
  42. 72% of what country is covered by forest- Finland
  43. On what are the worlds smallest paintings painted- Pin Heads
  44. What city used to be known as Bytown-Ottawa
  45. The Red Rose City has what more common name in Jordan-Petra
  46. Who does a Filicide kill-Son or Daughter
  47. What was the first country to recognise the US as independent-Morocco
  48. And what country won it- Sweden
  49. What is the worlds most widely eaten fish- Herring
  50. What was the name of the first presidential aircraft -Sacred Cow
  51. What flower is the symbol of culture-The Lotus
  52. In what prison did Nelson Mandela spend 19 of 27 years in jail-Robben Island
  53. What is Virga-Rain the don’t reach ground
  54. A Pullicologist is an expert in what-Fleas
  55. What colour is caffeine- White powder
  56. In what country would you buy Kingfisher lager-India
  57. Name Australia’s highest mountain-Mount Kosciusko
  58. What was Napoleons mothers name-Laticia
  59. In what language was The Communist Manifesto written-German
  60. Monology is the study of what- Stupidity
  61. What country is the worlds oldest functioning democracy-Iceland
  62. What country consumes the most fish per capita-Japan
  63. If you suffered from pyrexia what have you got-Fever
  64. Nine inches in nautical measure is called what- A Span
  65. What country drink the most milk per capita-Iceland
  66. Where was volleyball invented-France
  67. What is mosquitoes main food-Nectar from flowers
  68. What killed half the US soldiers in WW1- 1918 Flu Epidemic
  69. What is the opposite of Plenum-Vacuum
  70. Where was the worlds first oil well drilled-Pennsylvania
  71. Who was the pilot in the first fatal air crash-Orville Wright
  72. There is one gallon of water in every cubic mile of what-Fog
  73. What capital city translates as Capital City in the native tongue-Seoul – South Korea
  74. What food are astronauts prohibited before a mission Beans – Farts damage spacesuits
  75. What does a myrmecologist study-Ants
  76. Women do it twice as often as men – what -Blink
  77. first man to set foot on all five continents- Captain Cook
  78. What gives onions their distinctive smell- Sulphur – taken in when growing
  79. What animals name comes from the Sanskrit to steal-Mouse – Musha
  80. What is a Winter Banana -A variety of Apple
  81. Where are the glasshouse mountains- Queensland Australia
  82. Mesopotamia means- Between two Rivers
  83. Only three Angels are named in Bible Gabriel Michael and who- Lucifer
  84. What animals name translate from Arabic as He who walks fast Giraffe – from Xirapha
  85. What is in the Red Data Book- Endangered Species
  86. Who wrote the book – Call of the Wild-Jack London
  87. What is the name of the scale measuring depth of coma (GCS)- Glasgow Coma Scale
  88. Which 19th century battle UK / USA fought after peace signed- Battle of New Orleans
  89. What place is nicknamed “The City of Lilies”- Florence
  90. In what literary work would you find the yahoos- Gulliver’s Travels
  91. What place was nicknamed “The Pearl of the Orient”-Manilla – Philippines
  92. Operation Dracula in WWII freed what city- Rangoon Burma
  93. What countries name translates as lion mountains- Sierra Leone
  94. In WW2 what was the German codename for invasion of Russia- Barberossa
  95. FIDE govern what game -Chess
  96. The density of what is measured on the Rngelmann scale- Smoke
  97. Who would be scored on the Apgar scale- Newborn Babies
  98. geographical dividing line N/S Korea- 38th Parallel
  99. first American state to enter the union 7 Dec 1787- Delaware Pennsylvania second
  100. old man in The Old Man and the Sea named Santiago