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Holy SEO Proxy Scraper


Proxies are basically IP addresses used to redirect Internet traffic around the World Wide Web, whether to access information otherwise unavailable to certain users, or to hide your identity while surfing unsafe online sources. Hence, it can be useful to retrieve a list of them for specific websites, in order to assure yourself that you are protected. Internet privacy is very important. Holy SEO Proxy Scraper makes it easy to make sure your real information is hidden behind proxies.

With Holy SEO Proxy Scraper you can easily collect tons of proxies every day. Holy SEO Proxy Scraper is a software utility designed to perform scraping operations on the selected web addresses, as well as retrieve a list of them and display it in an organized manner. Thus, you can view and check the IP addresses that redirect the traffic, in order to make sure that you are not exposed to any security risk.

To start the operation, all you are required to is selecting the countries and a push of a button. After that, the application scans and verifies every IP address, while also displaying each one of them into the aforementioned list, which visible in the second tab of the utility. The extraction process can sometimes take a few minutes, depending on the proxies and your computer specifications.

Holy SEO Proxy Scraper does provide you with a valuable service, especially since it can effectively retrieve a complete list of proxy servers. Moreover, the user interface is as simple and intuitive, making it a quick and lightweight utility for anyone who is worried about using their personal information across the Internet.