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How to Activate Stealth Mode in Instagram on IOS and Android


All social networking platforms allow you to share messages with your friends, such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram and others. However, the direct messages on the Instagram platform became more annoying after the application introduced a feature that allows users to know when to use the application via a green dot next to friends’ the Internet, while many users of Instagram want to browse the images without informing the followers that it exists.

This is not the first time Instagram has alerted users to the status of their friends. The application first introduced the Activity Status feature last January and will tell your friends if you are online, The application without a green indicator, now the two are combined.

How to find out active friends on Instagram:

You can see the last time people who follow you or have private conversations with you in several ways:

  • You’ll see a green dot next to your username and photo in your Direct inbox, and anywhere else on Instagram.
  • In your inbox you’ll see their last activity status

If you do not want your followers to know that you’re active on Instagram, you can control the status of your activity through settings.

To keep your privacy, the green dot appears only in your list of direct messages as well as in your friends list when you go to a published post as a direct message, and only the friends or users you’ve met can see the green dot. So if you’re concerned about strangers knowing about your activity, Because this will not happen, and to turn this feature off for all followers, follow these steps:

Because the application Instagram a common app for operating systems iPhone OS iOS and Android Android, the steps will be one of both:

  • Go to your Instagram account
  • Go to the Settings menu . To access this menu, click the gear icon (for iOS users) or the three-point icon in the upper-right corner (for Android Android users)

How to activate stealth mode in Instagram on IOS and Android

  • Scroll down until you reach the Privacy and Security section
  • Select Activity Status List

From here, you can deactivate the Show Activity feature with the button next to the Show Activity Status option to turn gray.

How to activate stealth mode in Instagram on IOS and Android

Once you see the status of your activity, you will be able to use Instagram without anyone knowing you are currently active.

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