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How to Convert Video to GIF Animations within WhatsApp


One of the most beautiful feature of WhatsApp is the ability to send and receive GIF animations. The fun is more in allowing the application to convert video to Gif animation without having to download a third-party application. You can do this in very simple steps.

How to convert video to GIF animations

Users of the WhatsApp on Android and iPhone devices can follow the following steps to convert videos to GIF animations:

  1. Open a conversation within the application.
  2. Click the clasp tag in the conversation you opened.
  3. Select the gallery.
  4. Select the video you want to convert to an animated file, or shoot a video for 6 seconds or less.
  5. At the top right you’ll now see the word Gif next to the video.
  6. You can now edit the video as you like, but it should be less than 6 seconds to convert.
  7. When you have finished editing the video and adding an optional message, just press the green arrow icon to send.

In this simple way you can convert video within the WhatsApp to GIF animations.

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