Embed Google Docs into WordPress posts

Do you want to add Google Docs directly to your WordPress blog post or page? If your answer is yes, or you are not sure about it right now, keep reading this article, because today you will learn about a great thing to do with WordPress in this article.

Step by Step Guide to Add Google Docs to WordPress

Note: In this tutorial, we will embed a PDF document of Google Docs into WordPress, however you can insert any type of Google Docs like Word Document or Spreadsheet etc.

Step 1: First you need to install the WP Plugin named Google Doc Embedder. Please install and activate it.

Step 2: Now open that post or page, in which you want to embed Google Doc.

Adding Google Docs PDF

Step 3: As you upload any normal image file by clicking Add Media, you have to upload your Google Doc.

As soon as the file is uploaded, you have to add it in the post by clicking on the “Insert Into Post” button, your Google Doc file will automatically be added to an embedded form.

PDF uploaded with Google Docs Embedder Plugin

Now you can add all the content to the post or you can publish it like any other normal post or page.

Your page or post in Embedded form will look something like this:

Google Docs PDF On WordPress Page

You can adjust the height and width of any embedded document in the General settings of the plugin.

Google Docs Embedder General Settings

You can also prevent your Google Doc file from being downloaded. For this you have to go to the profile options of this plugin.

Simply go to its Profile Tab and change it there.

You have to change the setting from “default” to “max-doc-security” from the parent dropdown. File can be saved by downloading it.

Google Docs Embedder Profile

Advanced options include “insert shortcode” option, media file support, and error handling, which are default turned off.

Google Docs Embedder Advanced Setting

Event Tracking has also been given an option. This requires a Google Analytics code on your website.

Google Doc Embedder plugin generates shortcode, which instead of showing the link to the Google Doc file, directs the file.

If you upload the file without using this plugin, it will show you the file link just like the screenshot below.

PDF Link without the plugin

In this case, the user will have an extra step that he will have to click on this link before, and then he will be able to access the PDF. But this plugin reduces the effort of your users.

So in this way, you can easily embed any file type of Google docs into any page or post on the WordPress Blog or website.

How do Google Docs embed on WordPress.com or other Platforms?

You can embed Google docs on any other platform. There are 4 steps for that.

  • Open Google Doc, in the sharing options, open embed.

Embed Google Docs To WordPress

  • Click on Publish’s button there and then copy the embed code.

Google Docs Embed

  • After this, paste the code wherever you want Google Doc to be displayed.

Google Docs Embed

  • Adding this code to the blog of WordPress.com, which resulted in the page came in, a screenshot is also given below:

Google Docs Embed

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