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How to Find Google News Stories “AMP Stories” and Use them


Google is going in the footsteps Instagram and Snapchat and WhatsApp and other social networking applications, where users can take advantage of news stories “AMP Stories” small-scale feature within the search engine results pages.

How to find and use new AMP stories from Google

Locate the new AMP stories

Google has not placed the new stories feature on the main search page yet, because the feature is still under trial, and to find the stories feature, go to g.co/ampstories using Google Chrome on your smartphone.

You can now choose from the following sites that are currently working with Google on the project:

CNN, Mic, SBNation, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Wired, People, or Mashable.

Just type one of these options, the Google search results page will be displayed, scroll down a bit, and you’ll find a new visual stories section, click on any of the different stories to start exploring.

Navigate to the  new AMP stories

The story navigation process is very easy. Once you’ve entered one of the above options, the search results appear, choose a story, and like the InStagram story you can navigate through Google stories.

In addition, some stories will include a sound too, and the user can mute or play it through the sound icon located at the top right of the story.