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How to Get Latest Update of Android System for Samsung Phones


Some Samsung phone users complain that updates to their phones are delayed, and others complain that they can not install the new update even though it is available for their devices. Samsung users can get the latest update from Android manually by using the Smart Switch. Here are the steps you should follow to get the latest update available for your Samsung phone manually.

  1. Go to Samsung  Smart Switch  and download the software to your computer.
  2. After loading the application, open it on your computer.
  3. Connect the Samsung phone to the computer via a USB cable.
  4. If Smart Switch does not recognize your phone, click the Reinstall and Reboot button.
  5. After you know the program on your Samsung phone you will see many options on the home screen for backup and restore, you do not need to back up or restore your phone to start updating.
  6. The program will work Smart Switch is listed on the current program details for your phone, and if there is an update available for the phone will be notified on the home screen.
  7. If the update is available, click the Update button.
  8. The update will be downloaded to the computer first, then it will move to the phone.

Now the phone will restart automatically, and it may take more than 10 minutes. If this is your preferred update method in the future, click the Menu button in the Smart Switch , then click Software Updates and select the Update box before downloading.

When a new software version is available for your phone, Smart Switch will download and apply it the next time you connect your phone to the computer.

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