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How to turn off Auto Playing Videos when you Surfing the Internet


Auto play videos is one of the most troublesome experience that occur when we browsing the Internet, especially if these videos are not among our choices to see. These videos are not only annoying, but they also consume data and battery phone and force us to see content we are not interested in seeing or listening to. Internet users around the world have complained about this problem in forums and social networks for some time, prompting Google to update its browser, Google Chrome, and adopt the option to stop those videos in the new version of Google Chrome 64.

To enable this feature, you must first update Chrome and download its latest version. Once done, you’ll need to select the icon on the left side of the address bar and click the Allow audio option in the drop-down menu to allow or block it.

You can also choose to block this site so that automatic playback does not occur on that page again.

Another option is to add and activate the Silent Site Sound Blocker tool to mute all tabs automatically.

But there are more settings that ensure that in other browsers most commonly used in the world, the most prominent of which are:

Google Chrome

In the Toolbar menu, click “Settings,” then view advanced settings, then look for the “Privacy” option. In the “Content settings” option, you must verify that your pop-up settings are set.

If you wish, you can exclude some pages that you do not find objectionable to automatically play their videos by placing this [*.] Tag in front of the name of the site you want.


If your browser is Firefox, you just need to open a new tab and write about: config in the address bar.

Then after a small security warning you will find a large amount of plug-in (computer applications that add additional settings or features to software) and then type eplugins.click_to_play in the search engine.

Double-click to change the settings from True to False, and so you will activate or cancel this selection. The command is simpler than it seems.


In Apple’s Safari browser, you can turn off Autoplay under the “Preferences” option and there in “Websites.” In the menu on the left, click Autoplay. As soon as you can, you can choose the appropriate settings.


If you are using Opera, enter the shortcut CTRL + F12. Then select “Websites” from the list and look for “Links.” Then click to run and add the exceptions you want.

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