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How You can Get Healthy Food in Your Daily Life


We all want to know how to balance the food to enjoy an attractive body. That’s why we checked it out to bring the secret of balance and agility! At the outset, you must know that the basic reliance on healthy food daily is the right choice of healthy foods, diverse and renewable foods and rich in useful and important nutritional values ​​for health. This is to maintain the health of the body and protect it from the risk of obesity or extreme thinness. So, follow this article and we’ll show you some important tips for Healthy Food.

1. Eat vegetables and fruits

According to Dr. Osama Kabil, Nutrition and Obesity Consultant at the Nutrition Institute, “Vegetables and fruits are essential foods that should be consumed daily by women, five times a day.”

For example, you can eat apple and cucumber fruits with breakfast and two hours after bananas. After the meal you can eat orange or strawberry beads or any kind of fruit. Two hours later, You can eat carrots or tomatoes. At dinner, you can take the salad of delicious lettuce before the main meal.

These types of vegetables and fruits contain a high proportion of dietary fiber that lose the sense of appetite and hunger and provide the body energy and activity through access to vitamins and minerals, the main useful.

2. Eat milk and yogurt

Drink milk or eat dairy products twice a day of important food supplies that achieve daily nutritional balance.

This healthy food is important in getting calcium and proteins that help promote bone health and strengthen joints and muscles. Therefore, it is necessary to eat half a cup of milk or a piece of cheese without fat daily during breakfast or through the work of fruit juices with milk. You can also end your day with a piece of white cheese or a yogurt with honey or lemon with fruit pieces.

3. Eat carbohydrates for healthy eating

The body needs some foods that contain a high percentage of carbohydrates and carbohydrates in order to get the fibers inside.

So take a piece of bread that contains wheat. Or you can eat any kind of whole grain , or a moderate amount of rice or pasta or legumes such as lentils or beans. And know that starchy foods are very necessary for the health of the brain, brain and muscles.

4. Moderate amount of meat or fish

During the main meal in food, eat foods high in vitamins, proteins and fatty acids.

The most important of these foods are fish and healthy seafood such as shrimp, roasted sardines, salmon and gondola. Two of these seafood must be eaten during the week. Meat and chicken should also be in small quantities to avoid health damage, but they are considered to be high-protein sources. So it’s best to eat them three times a week.

5. Drink water

Frequent intake of water is one of the things that must be committed daily to achieve nutritional balance and to achieve healthy health.

The water activates blood circulation and moisturizes the body and prevents you from getting dry or constipation or indigestion. So take two liters of water daily before and after meals. But be careful not to eat water while eating meals so that you do not become ill or indigestion. You can add some natural herbs to hot water and a few high-caffeine drinks that suffice for a cup of tea or a cup of coffee during the day.

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