WordPress Introduction

There are a number of online tools that teachers/Instructors can use to establish an online web site. Two of the most commonly used tools are WordPress and Blogger. In this tutorial you will be taken through a number of the key features of WordPress.

WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL and can be installed on a Web Server. It is absolutely free and the most popular Open Source CMS. WordPress is a community software developed by a large group of volunteers.

At the outset I would like to mention that one of the most significant aspects of the WordPress tool is the fact that users can very easily create professional looking web sites and web pages that can display any content that the user desires. The web site can be a sophisticated and worthwhile publication. As a result users can easily create and publish an elegant looking web site with fully functional navigation.

Prior to the development of online tools such as WordPress users had to master web construction tools such as Dreamweaver, Microsoft Front-page and others in order to develop a web site. Now, all the user needs to do is to put their existing ideas in order, gather together the necessary ideas, resources and images and then publish.

These online tools are forgiving and supported with a variety of features and widgets that together can make the job of professional online publishing both straightforward and rewarding.

Getting started

Open a web browser on your computer. This can be Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and so on. It does not matter whether you are using a PC with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. You could be using a Macintosh.

It makes no difference. Concerns regarding operating systems and compatibility are no longer an issue with these online tools. Type in the following Internet URL or web address in the address bar of the browser: http://WordPress.com/

The following page, or one quite similar to this, will appear in your web browser window. WordPress often alters the appearance of its home page.

WordPressTake the time to read about the WordPress online tool. Click on the menu items at top to find out more regarding the features of the tool.