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LastPass Password Manager 4.17.1 Full Version for Windows


LastPass Password Manager is a convenient program to help you keep all of your log-in information secure without having to memorize all of it. You can use LastPass to automatically log in to any site once you’ve entered the information once, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your password again.

LastPass is the last password you will ever need. It allows you to: Create strong passwords, knowing you only have to remember one. LastPass has addons for: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (for Mac), Google Chrome, and works with other browsers with Bookmarklets (e.g. Opera). LastPass uses Host Proof Hosting techniques to synchronize your passwords all while LastPass never has access to your sensitive data. LastPass offers a premium upgrade as well for mobile access on iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Google Android, Palm webOS, and Symbian phones.

LastPass Password Manager Full Features:

  • Prompt user to copy password /autofill if in a non-matching iframe in case it is hidden.
  • Font used in firefox password field to help distinguish ambigious characters.
  • Added missing translations.
  • Fix radio buttons honoring setting to not overwrite fields already filled.
  • Retain last window location for LastPass for Applications.
  • Prevent invalid error when moving sites into a shared folder.
  • Prevent crash in IE.
  • Renaming subfolder of shared folder.
  • Incorrect defaulting to en-AU language settings in IE.
  • Better synchronization of login state across IE tabs.