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MailStyler Newsletter Creator Pro V2.3.0.100 Download Full Version


MailStyler Newsletter Creator Pro is a powerful software for creating newsletters, which allows you to produce flawless patterns of e-mails in a few simple mouse movements. It is ideal for anyone who needs to send personalized e-mail to: whether you are a professional market participant or a novice webmaster or secretary, MailStyler – it is always the right choice. In just a few minutes you can create a readable and ready-to-use newsletter to supplement it with images and content; and it will always be displayed correctly in any e-mail client.

MailStyler Newsletter Creator Pro Key Features

Create templates by dragging and dropping

MailStyler provides a WYSIWYG-mode (full compliance with the principle of what is seen on the screen that will be presented in copies) is the editor of letters by capturing and perestaskivaniya that is so intuitive and easy that it is impossible that something in it to make a mess.

Skillfully written templates that will always look good

Are you afraid of trouble with messages display? With MailStyler this problem will be left behind once and for all: all patterns created with the help of our tools will look perfect in all mail clients or web forms (such as Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, etc.). Therefore, you do not need to program in HTML.

You do not need programming knowledge in HTML / CSS

MailStyler lets you create letters and templates without any programming. You will simply be combined by us in advance HTML-blocks as you wish, building a pattern brick by brick.

Unlimited possibilities for editing

The range of settings you can make using MailStyler, is huge, and far ahead of all its competitors: the size, style, borders, fonts, frames, images, etc. All this can be modified in a few clicks to create a truly unique appearance that fits in with your corporate identity.

Pictures for every taste

MailStyler comes with a library of more than 2,000 images to enhance your creativity and help you create an original design.

Compatible with all email clients, software and services

Each newsletter created using MailStyler, can be used with all leading e-mail platforms, from the public (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) to professional marketing services and software (SendBlaster, MailChimp, etc.).

Automatic resizing and cropping images

It is necessary to write an image to a revised framework? With our tools resizing and cropping a matter of a few seconds. No more stretched images!

Adaptable blocks

If you plan to send a letter to including users of mobile devices (such as teenagers), we have a group of blocks adaptable to automatically change size when you open the mobile, for better readability on small screens.

Ready-made styles and palettes

MailStyler provides customized color palettes with different white balance to help you determine the best look for your letters.

Exports in a single click

Finished layout, you can export it as a .eml or .html just a single click and use in any professional marketing software, services and customers.


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