Most Useful Tips to Get Started with Freelancer

In the following chapter of “How to Make Money as a Freelancer” You will learn more useful tips to get started with Freelancer.

  • You will have to take on less work initially, to ensure you are able to complete the project to a 120% satisfaction of the client. You also have to be careful with short deadlines, as you would not have experience on the field, you might not estimate the timescales correctly. You should aim for positive feedback as soon as possible, so try to take on smaller projects you will get a fast feedback for.
  • Always check out the employer’s profile and feedback. By clicking on their username you will know what was the last time they posted a project or logged in. You can also have a look at current projects, and how long they have been going on.
  • Deduct Freelancer fees from your renumeration to work out your hourly rate. That way you will have a real picture of your earning potential.
  • As your reputation grows, after some positive feedback, you will be able to increase your fees or set different conditions. You can request the whole amount to be placed as an escrow payment to protect yourself from scammers. When sending any work as a sample, or submitting links for employers, it should include a watermark or copyright statement.
  • If you want your profile to appear more professional, you can choose to complete some online tests offered by the site. Depending on your expertise, you can choose different tests to take for free or a small nominal fee. It is going to help you prove your abilities and the icon will be displayed next to your bids as well as on your profile page.
  • You should never take on projects at a price you are not comfortable with, and don’t let the competition confuse you. There are some countries where there are huge teams set up to complete projects fast, and the cheap price does not always come with the best quality. Obviously you will come across competition that is cheaper than you and provides good quality, you should still be confident of your own potentials.

How to make money as a freelancer

If you read the above tips, you might be seriously considering getting started on you have to know that the right approach is going to get you the best results. You should be proud of your abilities, qualifications, and handle employers as equal partners. That is the beauty of working as a freelancer.

Once you will complete your first few projects on, you will see that it is much easier than working in an office and asking for permission to take holidays or time off. You will have the freedom you always wanted, and you only have to do the work you want to accept.

If you work on building up your reputation on the site, you will notice that you are getting more and more invitations every week, and will have returning customers providing you with constant flow of work.

It is possible to create a full time income through, even more. The hours you work are your choice, you set your own terms, and if you have the right entrepreneurial attitude, you will become a successful freelancer.

Happy FreeLancing!