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openCanvas GraphicEditor


openCanvas is a Graphic Editor that has an analog-like quality and a simple or easy user interface. It is extensively suitable to beginners to advanced users. Addition to the basic performances, open Canvas has its unique “Event function” that records and replays a drawing procedure. If you use the “Event” function (to replay the drawing process), it is quite easy to find out how an illustration was created. open Canvas has a simple interface and realistic brush stroke, and various filters, layers, or tones.

Features of openCanvas

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after OpenCanvas free download.

  • Can edit your images and creat drawing from scratch.
  • Well organized interface.
  • Sufficient work space.
  • Supports all comonly used file formats.
  • Supports Adobe Photoshop PSD files.
  • Pencil, eyedropper, watercolor and airbrush tools present.
  • Includes many effects and filters.
  • Can resize and rotate your images.
  • Can control features with different hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts.


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