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Perspective of Education in Pakistan Pedagogy MCQs for NTS, FPSC, PPSC and Educators


Pedagogy is the theory and practice of education, and how this influences the growth of learners/students. Pedagogy, taken as an academic discipline, is the study of how knowledge and skills are exchanged in an educational context, and it considers the interactions that take place during learning.

As we know that Education is a dynamic process. In this there is interaction between teacher and learner, and the whole interaction is oriented toward an goal. Teachers and learners are benefited and influenced by each other’s personality on the basis of pedagogy, and this effect is clearly oriented towards a particular direction. With the changing times, the entire educational cycle is dynamic. In what direction is its speed getting? Who is affected? This direction is aimed at pedagogy.

If you want to prepare Pedagogy MCQs for Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) Job Test then we are publishing important Pedagogy MCQs. On ZulWeb, You will Find the Complete Pedagogy MCQs for NTS, FPSC, PPSC ,SPSC, KPPSC, CSS, PMS and Educators Test Preparation. So, let start;

Perspective of Education in Pakistan (Pedagogy MCQs)

1. According to Allama Iqbal Aim of the Education is ________?
(A) Development of individual Personality
(B) Development of Family
(C) getting Jobs
(D) None of the above.

2. Allama Iqbal suggested which subjects should be included in the Curriculum?
(A) Religious Subjects
(B) Social Subjects
(C) History and Science
(D) All of the above

3. Allama Iqbal given stress on which method of teaching?
(A) learning by doing
(B) learning by technology
(C) cooperative learning
(D) None of the Above

4. System of Education in a country is based on ______?
(A) Development of Individual Personality
(B) Skill Development
(C) Ideology of a Nation
(D) None of the above.

5. Aligarh Muslim University was established in which year?
(A) 1875
(B) 1921
(C) 1935
(D) None of the Above.

6. Deoband Movement focused more on which type education?
(A) Islamic Education
(B) English System of Education
(C) Both A & B
(D) None of the Above

7. Deoband Education System ignored what?
(A) Scientific Education
(B) Religion
(C) Philosophy
(D) None of the Above.

8. M.A.O College was established in which year?
(A) 1873
(B) 1875
(C) 1877
(D) None of the Above.

9. Scientific Society was Established by Whom?
(A) Allama Iqbal
(B) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
(C) Moulvi Abdul Lateef Khan
(D) None of te Above.

10. Aim of the Scientific Society was to translate ____?
(A) Book of English into Urdu and Hindi
(B) Book of Urdu into English
(C) Both A & B
(D) All of the Above

11. What is meant by performance test?
(A) Special Ability Test
(B) Online MCQs Test
(C) Written Descriptive Test
(D) None of the above.

12. Army Alpha test is known as _____?
(A) group test
(B) group study
(C) individual test
(D) None of the above.

13. Army Beta test is known as _______?
(A) individual test
(B) individual MCQs test
(C) group test
(D) None of the Above.

14. Standardized Test are commonly known as _______?
(A) Criterion referenced
(B) Norm-referenced
(C) Norm-Criterion referenced
(D) None of the above.

15. Important characteristics of standardized test are ?
(A) reliability and Accuracy
(B) reliability and practicality
(C) Accuracy and practicality
(D) None of the Above.

16. Reliability is _______?
(A) quality of test results
(B) consistency of test results
(C) Hypothetical estimation
(D) None of the Above..

17. Best methods of the evaluation of the personality is _________?
(A) Survey Test
(B) Inventory Test
(C) Both A & B
(D) None of the Above.

18. Last National Educational Policy of Pakistan was implemented in ________?
(A) 1971
(B) 2009
(C) 2017
(D) None of the Above.

19. In which year United Nations Organization Proclaimed “the right to learn” for children?
(A) 20 November 1959
(B) 20 November 1960
(C) 20 November 1961
(D) None of the Above.

20. Evidence of Validity can be related to _________ ?
(A) Construct
(B) Content
(C) Criterion
(D) All of the Above

21. Policy of Nationalization of Education was first adopted by whom in 1972?
(A) General Zia Ul Haq
(B) Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
(C) Ayub Khan
(D) None of the above.

22. Darul Uloom Deoband was established in which year?
(A) 1865
(B) 1866
(C) 1867
(D) All of the above.

23. Supreme Interest of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Life was _____?
(A) political reforms
(B) education
(C) independence of Muslim Majority areas
(D) None of the Above..

24. M.A.O College Initially was a ______?
(A) School
(B) College
(C) University
(D) None of the above.

25. First Educational Conference held in which city of Pakistan?
(A) Karachi
(B) Lahore
(C) Islamabad
(D) None of the Above.

26. First Educational Conference in Pakistan held from _____to_____.
(A) 1st November 1947 to 1st December 1947
(B) 10th November 1947 to 1st December 1947
(C) 20th November 1947 to 1st December 1947
(D) None of the Above..

27. First Educational Conference in Pakistan convened under the supervision of ____?
(A) Liaqat Ali Khan
(B) Sir Agha Khan
(C) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(D) None of the Above.

28. Who was the first Education Minister of Pakistan?
(A) Fazal Ur Rehman
(B) Liaqat Ali Khan
(C) Moulvi Tameez uddin
(D) None of the Above.

29. Education Minister of Pakistan during his speech on the occasion of first education conference
in 1947 proposed which dimension of education?
(A) Spiritual
(B) Social
(C) Vocational
(D) All of the Above
(E) None of te Above.

30. Major recommendations given at the end of First Education Conference on 1st December 1947 were?
(A) Free and Compulsory Education in Pakistan
(B) Education should be teamed with Islamic Values
(C) Emphasis on Science and Technical Education
(D) Both A & B
(E) All of the Above excluding D

31. Every system of education is based on ?
a. Ideology of nation
b. Social development
c. Intellectual development
d. Skill development

32. Word philosophy is derived from ?
a. Alpha and Amphia
b. Phila and Sophia
c. Sila and Sophia
d. Neo and Latvia

33. Expected life outcomes from education are referred as ?
a. Learning
b. Evaluation
c. Aims
d. Pedagogy

34. Being the science of wisdom philosophy aims at ?
a. Search for activity
b. Search for reality
c. Search for probability
d. Search for utility

35. The first head of the Deoband was ?
A. Maulana shah wali ullah
B. Maulana M. Yaqub Nanautwi
C. Maulana Mehmood ul Hassan
D. Shabir Ahmand Usmani

36. The Deoband academy was totally ?
A. Personal
B. Government
C. Non government
D. Semi government

37. The Deoband movement used curriculum revision as ?
A. Motive
B. Need
C. Agreement
D. Improvement

38. The Ulma of Deobond played a vital role in ?
A. Spreading English cultures
B. Struggle for independence
C. Awarding scholarship
D. Science education

39. The Deoband was established in ?
A. 1857
B. 1867
C. 1885
D. 1866

40. The salient features of Deoband movement was ?
A. English system of education
B. Proliferation of science
C. Revival of religious spirit
D. Literature

41. The Deoband movement ignored ?
A. Science
B. Philosophy
C. Logic
D. Religion

42. M.A.O High school was established in ?
A. 1857
B. 1865
C. 1875
D. 1885

43. M.A.O High school was given the rank of college in ?
A. 1864
B. 1877
C. 1889
D. 1842

44. Scientific society was established by ?
A. Sir Allama Iqbal
B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
C. Maulana Muhammad Ali johar
D. Quad e Azam

45. M.A.O college was elevated to Aligarh university in ?
A. 1854
B. 1846
C. 1940
D. 1920

46. The major impact of the Aligarh movement was ?
A. Political training
B. Teaching of English
C. Social activities
D. Religious activities

47. The major objective of Aligarh movement was to promote ?
A. Education
B. Hatred for Hinds
C. Scientific look
D. Literacy

48. Which one was not among the purposes of Aligarh movement ?
A. To reduce hatred of British
B. To prepose Muslims to learn English
C. To prepare Muslims against Hindus
D. To prepare Muslims to learn science

49. Jamia Millia Islamia was established on ?
A. 1900
B. 1930
C. 1974
D. 1962

50. Jamia Millia Islamia was established by ?
A. Sir syed Ahmad khan
B. Moulana shaukat ali johar
C. Hakeem ajmal
D. Moulana M. Ali johar