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Rank Cracker will show you the quickest & easiest way to replicate your competitors success in just a couple of clicks. Rank Cracker is the software that helps you drag down your competitor’s website with their own success tool. This backlinks spying software helps you first list down the backlinks that are helping your competitor’s website and then help you use the same backlinks to improvise your own website.

Since the software is very simple and small, it becomes absolutely easy to use it and the same becomes the main reason for it to be as powerful and useful.

How to Use RankCracker?

  • If you want to get up and running quickly just follow the steps below
  • Download this list of test URL’s to try it out!
  • Launch the software
  • Paste in a list of your competitors backlinks
  • Press start
  • Export the results
  • Import them into your link building tool of choice

Video Tutorial

Learn how to use RankCracker in 3 minutes flat!

To use the program you will need a master list of as many of your competitor backlinks as possible. You can use a number of services both free and paid to get these easily.

To get the best results you should combine results from as many backlink checking services as possible



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