Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2020.1.17.0 Full Version

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition is designed to help you conveniently manage all of your remote connections and virtual machines from one place. The application is a useful tool for system administrators, who need to provide their customers with constant support and manage multiple network devices.

A comprehensive tool that can be used by all categories of users

Its key benefit is that it allows a wide range of connections and not just those of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Practically speaking, the program can store connections to everything you need, from RDP or other remote connections (TeamViewer, LogMeIn, Putty (Telnet, SSH, etc), pcAnywhere, VNC connections, Radmin, or Citrix), virtual environments (Windows Virtual PC, Vmware, Azure, etc.) to cloud storage applications, FTP servers, and websites.

They can incorporate even more resources and protocols as add-ons. The software is not designed for beginner users but if you take the time to learn how things work, it becomes a daily task to handle all your connections.

Packs various powerful tools for managing your remote connections

Every session must be configured by the user, starting with the name, group credentials, and ending with more advanced settings, such as selecting alternate hosts, VPN preferences, and sub-connections. Using the batch edit feature, you can change multiple settings at the same time throughout multiple sessions. All your sessions can be organized in various groups or directories, and filtered to find the connection you are looking for easily. In addition, you can access open sessions easily via the system tray icon. Detailed information about the current session is displayed at-a-glance in the segment ‘Dashboard.’

The application comes with additional tools including the built-in password manager, password analyzer, or the SSH key generator. It also allows you to store and organize confidential information like passwords, bank details, or any other confidential documents. Many benefits this application provides include session templates, session sharing between multiple users, the integrated data summary viewer, and the online session backup service.

User-friendly tool specialized signed for network administrators

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Full Version offers a single interface to handle various link types and is a must-have resource for any network administrator who needs quick and fast access to different platforms and protocols.

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Features

  • Connect any session types such as RDP, SSH or VNC
  • Save and manage all the passwords
  • Integrate existing password managers
  • Share and centralize all the remote connections
  • Secure the organization via the best encryption algorithm
  • View connection logs
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Share and link attachments
  • Browse shared folders or cloud repositories
  • Automatic VPN connection
  • Group all the sessions in specific folders
  • Quick connect with template support
  • Quick access via tray icon context menu
  • Online backup service
  • Automatic login
  • Microsoft Hyper-V dashboard
  • Share session settings between multiple users
  • Integrated password managers
  • Real-time connection overview



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