FreeLancing Businees

Now that you’ve chosen what you’re going to do, it’s time to go official. You’re going to learn the ropes, set goals, start getting your name out there, and get hired! Do you already have what it takes to start offering services? Great it’s time to get started. However, in many cases, it can serve you well to study the craft you’ll be offering first. For instance, maybe you’re a great writer and you’d like to offer Kindle ghostwriting services. You’ve got the writing part down but you can study how to help a book become successful on Kindle. Or maybe you’re proficient with PhotoShop but you’ve never created an e-cover. Teach yourself to do that then start offering your services.

Study your craft and study other service providers. Put your own spin and your own talent on what’s already working and you’ll do well.

Setting Goals

With anything you do in Freelancing Business, it’s important to set goals. How much do you need or want to earn? When would you like to be established and accepting clients? How many clients would you like to connect with or work for this month? If you set goals for yourself, you’ll be a lot more likely to become successful. Your path will become clear. If you’re not clear on what you’re doing and what you want, you’re really going to struggle. Setting goals motivates you and pushes you toward success it’s something all successful people do.

Set Your Hours

How much time do you have available to work each day? Figure that out and set work hours. It can be difficult to freelance because you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck. You have to stay focused and on top of things yourself. Get yourself into the mindset that you’re running a REAL Freelancing Business. Set work hours and you’ll be able to get more done because you’ll be more focused and confident. Setting work hours also helps you figure out how many clients you need or want to take on so you don’t become overworked or underworked. It can also help you figure out your earning goals per month.

Set Your Income

One of the greatest perks of freelancing is that you get to set your own income. Think a job is paying too low? You don’t have to take it. Ready to boost your income? Charge more or specialize in a higher paying skill.

Set goals for your income and create income projections for yourself. What kinds of jobs will you take on? What will you charge?

I do have to say that it can take some work to establish yourself so you can charge the higher prices. Many freelancers start out with “grand opening” prices and then work their way up as they start to gather experience and testimonials. Use sites like which are for very small and quick tasks, in order to build up a lot of testimonials for your portfolio and website.

Each Fiverr ‘gig’ (which is essentially a mini project) requires the user that ordered your service to provide you with a testimonial at the end. Use these! Showing ‘social proof’ by having a lot of positive testimonials on your website can greatly influence your chances of someone contacting you for work when they visit your website.

Getting Clients

How are you going to get clients? This is probably one of the biggest questions on your mind as a new freelancer. The great news is that it’s easier than you think.

First, you need to set up a website offering your services. Really make it clear how people can hire you and what you specialize in. How are you going to help them grow their business? What do you do differently and better than everyone else?

You can also choose to start out on sites like or These sites allow you to bid on jobs clients post. It can be discouraging because you have to bid against many other freelancers.

Ideally, you’ll start networking on social media, on forums, and on industry blogs and websites. Get to know potential clients. Hang out online where they hang out. Let it be known that you provide these services become known as the go-to person providing that service.

Networking with other service providers specifically those who offer complementary services.

There are so many ways to get started and get your name out there. Once you do, and you show that your work stands above the rest, word of mouth will spread and you won’t have to market your services much at all.

Building Up To A Full Time Income With Your Freelance Business

So, how are you going to build up to a full time income? Once you get started, you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is. The keys to doing so are:

  1. Specializing in something that will help your clients make money
  2. Setting yourself apart from other freelancers
  3. Networking with potential clients and other service providers online
  4. Getting your name out there and building a reputation as the go-to person for a certain service

Study successful freelancers and you’ll see that it’s possible for you. The key to building up a full time income is that you have to stick with it.

Remember: It is very important to build an email list of clients and potential clients. Put an opt-in form on your website and add clients to this list as you get them. Create a free ebook or report (similar to this one – but it doesn’t have to be as long) and offer it for free to visitors of your website to learn about the reasons they need your services. Once they’re on your list you can send out special offers, notify people when there are open spots on your schedule, and so on.

Earning Money From Home Has Never Been Easier!

Hopefully this has inspired you to get started right away. Whether you need to earn money, or you’re looking to quit or replace your job, or you’re simply ready for more freedom, freelancing and working from home can be the answer for you.

You can work anytime, from anywhere. You can set your own hours and choose your own income. All you have to do is decide that you’re ready to do it. You will become successful FreeLancer if you believe you can do it and if you set goals and create a solid plan for getting started.