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Shop Safely on the Online Platforms by Following These Tips


Many people are victims of e-shopping, especially if the process is carried out on platforms where people are offered their personal items for sale. To be a victim of fraudsters and criminals, here are some tips providing for users and experts in the field of e-marketing, which ensures that you make the safest sale or purchase through the classifieds platforms:

Know the seller

There is nothing more important than knowing the seller’s personality. Ask him about his background and tell him that this question is for security purposes only. If a trusted seller is likely to reassure you and know you personally.

Telephone number

Try to verify the identity of the phone owner by using the True Caller ID application. If you feel that the phone number does not show any information about the other party, you have the right to be skeptical. You can also search for its name in social networks to verify the identity of the person.

Do not give too much information

Do not give a lot of information to the other party, such as your bank account, your address, or any information not related to the sale. For example, if you are the buyer it is not important that the seller know anything about your bank account.

Look for reviews

Post-purchase or post-sale responses, known as feedbacks, are posted to let people know if they are trustworthy or not. Look for reviews and opinions about the party you’re dealing with and ask forums or groups of these platforms if you suspect.

In public places

If you agree with someone to sell or buy, the best place to do this is the mall, where you are surrounded by people on every hand and there is no room for any threat from either party, preferably the operation in the morning.

Try to stand in a place surrounded by surveillance cameras and security guards.

Do not go alone

To ensure that you are not at risk, try taking one of your friends as you go to complete the buying and selling process.

Payment method

Some platforms prefer to pay in cash, but if you use a bank card to complete the purchase, it is best to have a credit card, which allows you to secure the price paid by the “undo” feature if you are a victim of fraudulent acts.

Make sure before you leave that the purpose you purchased is in accordance with the specifications you found on the advertisement, but if you find out later that you’ve been phoned, please feel free to contact the platform customer service you’ve dealt with.

Learn the original price

Vendors on these platforms usually offer their used items at a price that is either slightly above or below the original price. Try to find out the original price of the item you want to buy. If you ask the person about the original price and try to evade, you should worry about that person.

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