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Shortness of Breath – Causes and Treatment


Do you feel severe breathing and do not know why? Severe suffocation and difficulty in not being able to breathe normally, which makes you feel anxious and tense and do not know how to behave when it happens? The feeling of self-distress is a very disturbing condition and a large number of women are suddenly infected. This condition may last for two days or more and may be less. However, there are many, many reasons behind the lack of breath. There is also a cure for this condition for the women to avoid. In this article, you will know the causes of shortness of breath and its treatment.

What is shortness of breath?

Breathlessness is a condition that a woman experiences when a problem occurs in the respiratory system , which impedes the flow of air to the lungs, resulting in a defect in the rates of the process of inhalation and exhalation of natural, and here the woman feels very difficult to be unable to catch themselves properly, with The feeling of severe chest pain makes women need to inhalation of large amounts of air, accompanied by the state of tightness a range of health symptoms, including cough and coughing severe with high temperature and inability to move or stand or exercise daily activities.

Causes of shortness of breath

1- Lung problems

There are many reasons that result in a feeling of shortness of breath, including lung injury to some health problems such as asthma, which is the most important symptoms are severe and chronic breathing with the feeling of not being able to get sufficient amount of air in the lungs or the incidence of severe acute respiratory syndrome Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, obstructive pulmonary embolism, serious lung cancer, or tuberculosis or sarcoidosis.

2- Cardiology

If the incidence of shortness of breath begins, women are concerned and fear that the cause is linked to heart disease, because one of the most important symptoms of serious heart disease is shortness of breath with the inability to capture deeply, and the most important symptoms of the heart that leads to a sense of selflessness is Obstructive pulmonary disease, vascular disease, heart disease, heart valve, coronary heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmia, sudden heart attack, and sudden heart attack.

3- Smoking and obesity

Certainly, the smoking habit causes the destruction of the lung and heart and causes them to get severe inflammation and blockage and narrowing veins and blood vessels, which results in difficulty in taking the breath naturally, as well as overweight and obesity and obesity is the most important reasons for the feeling of shortness of breath and this is a result of the accumulation of fat and grease In the body leading to blockages and obstructs the flow of air or oxygen to the lungs.

4 – Anemia and anemia

There are some other health conditions that lead to a feeling of severe respiratory distress, especially anemia and acute anemia. This is due to lack of blood in the body, which prevents the arrival of oxygen to the lungs and this is difficult to capture deeply.

Treatment of dyspnea problem

There are some natural and quick treatments that you can follow immediately if my dear felt shortness of breath because it is normal to be in a state of fear and panic after a bout of breathlessness and therefore follow us these methods of treatment that will reduce the shortness of breath once felt.

1. Steam inhalation

The inhalation of steam rising from hot water is one of the best treatment methods that help to open the respiratory tract and get rid of the dense mucus formed inside the nose and this is by boiling a quantity of water to become very hot and then add drops of peppermint oil or camphor oil and steam inhalation Rising from them.

2. Eat dark coffee

One of the most effective treatments for self-Repositioning and relaxing of the respiratory muscles is to take a cup of dark coffee , where the caffeine in the coffee improves the efficiency of the bronchial work, and you can make dark coffee with milk.

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