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Steps to Find Your Lost or Stolen Android Phone


Everyone is afraid to steal or lose his android phone because of the importance of data and information on the phone. But Google does not have to worry about finding a lost or stolen Android phone with the ability to lock or erase data through a Web-enabled tool or a special application for Android phones and smartphones. According to Google, the search for a lost or stolen Android device called “Find my device” is automatically done when you add a Google Account to any device running Android, but there are some conditions to use the service found on Android device is Lost or Stolen, including the lost or stolen device being turned on and logged in with a Google Account and connected to the Internet either through 4G networks or through Wi-Fi and the location service is enabled, in addition to activating the “find my device” service, Where the user can disable them.

Steps to find your Lost or Stolen Android phone:

  • You can find your lost or stolen Android device by searching Google using “Find My Phone“, or go to android.com/find and sign in with the Google Account associated with your phone.
  • If you have more than one Android device connected to your account, click the lost device.
  • You can now find your lost or stolen Android device through several options, including the possibility of issuing a 5-minute alert from the lost phone or device (this feature can be used if the phone is lost inside the home as well).
  • But the most important feature is the possibility of finding the lost or stolen Android device by locating its geographic location on the map. Google says that if the geographical location is not found, the user will be able to identify the last known geographical location.
  • With the “find my device” feature, the user can lock the lost or stolen Android device with an additional password, leaving a message and a phone number if the person who found the phone wants to communicate to return the phone.
  • If the phone fails to retrieve or find the device, the user can permanently delete all data, but this will not delete the data on external SD memory cards, but then will lose contact with the device altogether.

The user can find the lost or stolen Android device through the previous steps through the application “find my device” available through the Google Play store, through any other Android device login requirement for the same Google account for the lost device.

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