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Earn Money Online

For those wishing to work at home, “Online Paisa Kamane Ki Websites” are given here and all these websites are 100% reliable and trusted because I am also earning by doing my own work at home. Today’s young generation are attracted to earning money online. The main reason for this is that today’s youth spend their hours on the Internet and have a special attachment to the Internet. In such a situation, they want to earn money online so as to earn money along with the hobby.

Earn Money Online from a website

These special benefits will be from working online.

  1. You will become your own boss
  2. You will not have to go to the office everyday, all the work will be done on the internet
  3. You can adjust your time and work, like if you do not find time in the day, you can do it for a little night too.
  4. You do not have to request anybody to increase the salary, you will get the amount of money
  5. You will not feel pressure
  6. Money will come directly into your account. You do not have to go anywhere

Top 10 Online Money Making Websites  (Best Online Paisa Kamane Ki Websites)

Here we’ll tell you the name of the websites to earn money online, there are quite a lot of websites to earn money online, but you can earn money by choosing the best you think your tailor.

1. Google Adsense

The world’s largest IT company is a Google service called Google Adsense. In today’s time Google Adsense is the biggest way to earn money online. This is a truly trusted company, which millions of people are using.

  1. Google’s Adsense website –
  2. If you want to earn money from Adsense you must have a website
  3. Go to Adsense website you will make your Acount
  4. This company will give you the code of some advertisements that you have to apply in your website
  5. When $ 100, the money will be directly deposited in your bank account
  6. Adsense can earn you unlimited money


You spend your time in watching videos on YouTube throughout the day. Now YouTube will also give you money, the most important thing is that today YouTube is making big money – big companies and millions of people are making money online so you also start immediately.

  1. YouTube’s official website –
  2. Create your own channel on YouTube
  3. Create some good new videos and upload it to your YouTube channel
  4. When people on YouTube will watch your video YouTube will give you money
  5. This is a genuine job, just your video should be good
  6. The more views on your video, the more money you earn

3. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

You must know Amazon, Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping website. But perhaps you do not know that Amazon is giving you a very good Opportunity to earn money online.

  1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing website –
  2. You will have to create an account by visiting Amazon’s affiliate website
  3. Here you have to sell Amazon’s goods
  4. The more you are Amazon will be able to
  5. Sell the goods. You will be given the same amount of money. Amazon will sell 10% to 20% of the amount of money you sell.
  6. Money will come directly to your bank account. You do not need tension.

4. Flipkart Affiliate Program

Like Amazon, Flipkart also has its own affiliate program, wherever you get a commission to sell it, which means it’s easy online business to invest without any money.

  1. Flipkart Affiliate is an official website –
  2. You have to create an account by visiting the Affiliate website
  3. Flipkart will give you 10 to 20% commission on selling goods
  4. You can get social media can make Sale will stuff using the
  5. Affiliate account Flipkart you make sure Add your bank account
  6. Flipkart monthly payments sand which directly come in your account

5. Upwork

Upwork is an online platform that offers people work at home. With the help of Upwork, many people are earning a lot of money by working as well as working at home.

  1. Upwork is an official website –
  2. This website has a list of millions of projects from which you can choose your favorite project
  3. Here you can find Web Designing, Web Development, Photoshop, PHP, .Net will find a thousand things
  4. when you have these then will complete the project will be sent to money Upwork your account
  5. This website is particularly for those want to earn money from home
  6. There are thousands of jobs here, so you can do any work according to your skill.

6. Freeelancer

This website is most famous for making money online and is very old too. Here too, a lot of works are listed in the form of Upwork, from which you choose the favorite job and complete it and submit it.

  1. Freelancer is an official website for working on –
  2. Many companies put their projects on this website to make their work inexpensive, you have to complete these projects
  3. Here too you will find many jobs like Designing, Web Development etc.
  4. When you complete these projects and submit to the company, you will be sent the money to the bank
  5. Here too, you can choose any work according to your skill.

7. Facebook Instant Articles

Yes, now Facebook is giving you a good chance to earn money online. Facebook has launched a new service called Instant Articles where you can earn money with the help of advertising.

  1. Facebook is an official website of Instant Articles –
  2. You must have a Facebook Page in order to connect to Instant Articles
  3. With Facebook Page as well as one of your own website will also make
  4. Now you have to add the Instant articles Service to your Facebook Page and website
  5. Insert the Ads link in writing articles on your website and article sharing on your Facebook Page
  6. So the more people will Read the article as much as you can earn more
  7. Facebook will send money to your bank account as threshold reached to $100

8. Shutterstock

If you are interested in photography then you can earn money with the help of Shutterstock. Shutterstock is a website where photos are sold on, you can also sell your photos.

  1. To make money at Shutterstock is an official website –
  2. You have to create an account by visiting this website
  3. Here you have to show your photography skills, take some fantastic photos
  4. Upload photos to your Shutterstock account and you can set their price too.
  5. Millions of people buy photos from Shutterstock, if someone purchases your photo, you will get good profits
  6. The more sales you make, the more money you will earn

9. Shopify

Shopify is the best website for you if you have a product that you want to sell online. With the help of this website you can create your own E-commerce Website.

  1. Shopify’s official website –
  2. With the help of Shopify, you can easily create your E-commerce Portal
  3. On Shopify, you will get paid Gateway, Design, Hosting, Domain all will
  4. Remember that Shopify is not free to use it you will have to pay some money
  5. Make your website Shopify you can sell online your stuff
  6. E-commerce Shopify the Market is going pretty much trained millions people have eventually made its online store

10. Contentmart

If you are passionate about writing and want to earn money from your hobby, Contentmart will give you the money to write an article. Those who are writers and write well, this is a very special Opportunity for them.

  1. Contentmart has an official website –
  2. You need to create an account by going to this website
  3. Here you will have to fill your details about your skill, such as how much experience you have or what language etc.
  4.  Lots of big-big companies choose good writers from these websites and give them their work
  5. When you finish the job and submit it you are sent money
  6. The most important thing is that You are the author of Urdu/Hindi You can participate in it


So friends, these were 10 such websites where you can earn money online. Although there are many more ways to earn money online but we have here told you the methods you have tried so that you will never get caught in Fraud. We are earning money from all these websites hence we have complete trust on them.


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