Virtual Assistant Jobs

What if neither graphics nor writing suits you? Not to worry there are plenty of other opportunities out there. You can become a virtual assistant, helping businesses with a variety of tasks.

This can be a lot of fun because you get to do something new every day. Some days, you might be managing customer emails. Other days, you might be managing the blog, managing social media accounts, or writing articles. Basically, you’ll do whatever your client assigns you.

It’s the equivalent of working in an office and having tasks to do here, except you get to do it all from the comforts of home, on your own schedule. Virtual assistants typically charge by the hour.

Create Your Own Category

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There’s photography, video production, animation, illustration, business consulting, social media marketing, game design, app development,
accounting, life coaching, health coaching, programming, and many more other skill niche’s you can specialize in.

Ready to get inspired? “Spy” on what other freelancers are offering. Go to,, and What kinds of services are people looking to hire out? What kinds of services are people offering?

Use what you find as fodder for coming up with your own ideas to try. People are going to hire you because you’re going to help them make more money than they are paying you. That’s what businesses want growth and more money. How can you help them achieve that while earning a great income yourself? Figure that out and you’ll do well.