Visual SEO Studio v1.9.9.9 Full Version

VisualSEO Studio Full Version

Visual SEO Studio is a straightforward and comprehensive solution designed specifically for web marketers who need to automate on-site manual checks, locate and fix SEO problems for their sites and search for unexpected inbound links. It is also useful for users looking to develop their SEO knowledge and evaluate their website in a safe environment.

Although it comes with advanced features, thanks to its user-friendly interface and well-organized menus, the application’s use is very simple.

You are expected to build a new project or open an existing one when you start the application for the first time. In this way, all the crawl settings and configurations will automatically be saved at the selected spot. The main window shows three parts that you can use, one to monitor all the available projects, one to coordinate the crawl sessions, and the last one to track the administered sites.

If you want to crawl a new website just press the ‘Crawl a Domain’ button, specify the address of the URL and let the software do the work for you. You can optionally set a name for the current session and change the settings and speed of the crawl according to your whim. Visual SEO Studio will then analyze the entire website and display a basic report in the left panel with all the queued URLs, visited pages, HTTP requests, and the time elapsed.

What’s more, you can crawl more than one website at a time by the application. Accessing the correct hyperlink, accessible in the left column, enables simultaneous exploration of multiple locations. This option is very useful when reviewing the website of your rivals and evaluating the preferences of the customers.

The ‘Index View’ and ‘Crawl View’ help you find problems that are usually overlooked. – the time you click on an entry you can display detailed information about meta tag definition, length of text, headers, and status code.

Even, thanks to the site-wide analysis and testing resources that Visual SEO Studio comes with, you can get a great overview of the overall state of your real site. The ‘Site Analysis’ menu gives you several suggestions and enables you to analyze the structure of the HTML without effort.

To wrap it up, Visual SEO Studio is a reliable and efficient SEO audit tool that will index your pages automatically and identify all broken inbound links.



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