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3 Best Ideas for Exciting Things To Anticipate

It is always good to have a few things to look forward to in your life. Without these positives, your life could stagnant and you might not have much to talk about with your friends. It doesn’t have to be something amazing such as traveling around the world, but it should be something that brings you joy and happiness and that activates your brain muscles. To get you out of a rut or to continue some good momentum, here are a few ideas to consider in the coming months.

Watch a New Television Show

Why not just go ahead and admit it? Finding a great new television series to watch is pretty awesome. The new Stargirl series, with Geoff Johns as executive producer, has all of the elements of an absorbing drama. It is something you can look forward to whenever a new episode is launched. The show focuses on the interesting superhero, Stargirl, who goes by the name of Courtney Whitmore when she is settled into everyday life. However, when events demand she springs into action with a host of superpowers and gadgets:

  • Her cosmic staff, the secret to her powers
  • Her cosmic converter belt
  • HerĀ  space vehicle known as the Star-Rocket Racer
  • Her ability to fly and control solar energy

Her arch-nemesis, Shiv, is the daughter of an evil scientist and war criminal who died while battling Stargirl. Shiv seeks revenge while wearing an armored outfit that has sharp blades sticking out in all directions. This is an excellent show to watch with your friends and follow the adventures of this teenager new to the DC Comics universe.

Take Up a New Activity

If you are looking for something fun to do, it might be the time to take up something new or learn a new skill. If you have never cooked before, you might want to try out some new recipes and get comfortable in the kitchen. For some extra incentive, you could make treats such as cakes, pies or cookies. You will learn something new and everyone will appreciate the good food. Here are some more ideas to help you spend your free time in enjoyable and worthwhile ways:

  • Bike for five miles
  • Organize a volleyball game
  • Take up frisbee golf
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Watch a sunset
  • Locate a constellation

The list is nearly endless. You can do something small and easy or come up with a plan that is complex and will take days or even weeks. Starting your own website is challenging, but it is a skill you will probably use throughout your life. Writing a letter to a friend or someone who is lonely allows you to express yourself in new ways.

Learn a New Language

This is certainly a challenging project, but it could give you an important new skill. It could help you with traveling at some point in your life. One magazine recommends young people learn one or more of these 6 languages:

  1. Spanish
  2. German
  3. Mandarin Chinese
  4. French
  5. Italian
  6. Sign Language

Sign language could help you meet new kids in your school or community. It is the fourth most used language in the U.S.

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