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What Are the Benefits of Having a Pet?

A lot of people choose to become pet owners as a way to bring some joy and enrichment into their lives. For those who don’t own a pet, you might wonder why your friends that do are so besotted with their animals. Could looking after a pet…

4 Common Medical Ailments & Infections Affecting Dogs

Whether you are already a proud owner of a precious pooch or looking to add an excitable puppy or adopt an older dog into your family, there is a plethora of facts and nuggets of information you need to know. One area that you must fully…

What Are The Best Pets For Kids?

You may be ready to have a new family pet, but you're not sure what type of animal would be best, particularly if you have children. Some animals make better pets for children than others, and if you're still unsure which one is right for…