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Crucial Ways To Ensure The Comfort and Happiness Of An Aged Pet

For animal lovers everywhere, your cherished dog, cat, bunny rabbit or other furry or feathered friend is just as important a valued member of your family than your children and parents. When your beloved animal reaches old age, it is vital to change and adapt your habits and behaviors to ensure the wellbeing of your pet every day. Here are the main ways to ensure the comfort and happiness of an aged pet. Read on to find out more.

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1. A Species Specific Vet

It is strongly advisable, right from the first day you bring your new animal home, to choose a vet that has a proven successful track record with the exact species of animal you have adopted.

However, if, up until now, your choice of veterinarian was purely based on convenience and affordability, now, as your pet is reaching old age, it is absolutely crucial to ensure your vet is experienced and capable of treating, probably and regularly, your animal. If you could ask your pet what they would want, they would undoubtedly yell you they want someone looking after them who is as knowledgeable and experienced as possible.

2. Comfort, Comfort and Comfort

Much like an elderly relative or loved one, as an animal gets older, normal aches and pains and an increased level of tiredness and general lethargy are perhaps more expected, therefore it is absolutely crucial to make your animal as comfortable as possible.

Provide a plethora of cozy and warm beds, away from draughts and cold air and ensure the beds are easily accessible. Position water and food bowls as near to the beds as possible and ensure there is a clear path your animal can travel when they need either. For the ultimate in comfort for your aging animal, show them how much you truly care by treating them to a giant bean bag, which they can adapt and move according to their pain levels on that particular day.

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3. General Health Care and Wellbeing

Obviously, the main things your beloved pet needs and wants center around food, water, fresh air and as much love and affection as possible and, as your animal reaches old age, it is important to spend even more time with them.

If you have a job whereby you are able to work at home when possible, take this opportunity to be with your pet while you work and forgo long trips, be those business or pleasure, if this means your animal will be on their own for even one night.

Remember that your animal may well need to go to the toilet more frequently than before and sometimes they may need you to clean them if they have trouble doing this for themselves. Older dogs and rabbits will need their claws trimming much more regularly and always remember that if it appears your beloved pet has started to ignore and fail to respond to you, this could be indicative of hearing loss.

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