How to Plan the Best Blog Content

When you are planning blog content, you need to start with a strategy. That may sound obvious, but only 31.8 percent of companies do it. One report indicates that companies with a strategy will accomplish 27.1 percent more than those without one. Here are a few tips that you can use to start planning the best blog content.

Inform but Simplify

In your mind, your blog content is intended to get traffic and conversions. However, your goal is not the same as your reader. They want to be informed as simply as possible because they don’t plan on being here long. Use Google to find what kind of blog content your competitors are putting out, and do better.

Keep in mind some simple points like blog length. You don’t need to give them 5,000 words. Articles with 300 words can be just as effective as articles with 3,000. Longer articles will rank well in the long term, but shorter ones can work well to get the process rolling.

Keep it simple.

Use Keyword Planning Well

Use your keyword planning well. Put it in your subheadings and in your headings. Don’t stuff your content with keywords, but at the same time, make a solid point with them. You want your keywords to be as informative as your blog content.

Some key points for blog content are to have your keyword in the first paragraph, in subtitles, in links in the article, and in the last paragraph. Other areas you can put them for ranking are in your images in the ALT tags and with their file names.

Be Different

As much as you want your keywords to do as well as they do for your competitors, you also need to have different content. That is not the same as having original content. There are hundreds of millions of blogs on the Internet. Use Google to see what blogs are already out there that match the topic you are thinking about.

Then, come up with a topic or idea that takes that topic up a notch. That is what readers are looking for when they are looking for simple content that informs. It may encourage them to keep reading on your page.

Plan Broad but Local Blog Content

You want to reach both local and global when you are planning blog content. Long-tail keywords help in your local strategy, while short keywords help with the global reach. One example is the blog of a Denver SEO firm. They offer a local service to a broader audience. Gear your content towards everybody, while strategizing your local efforts.

If you are stuck on how to do that, outsource your blog content writing. They can help you write informative but simple blogs that meet your business’s needs.


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