Tips For Hiring a Reliable Fugitive Recovery Agency

Bail bond agents hire fugitive recovery agents when someone skips out on their court appearance, costing the bondman money. They are commonly referred to as bounty hunters. Although their jobs may not be as glamorous as they are depicted on television, they do require plenty of experience and knowledge.

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Fugitive recovery agents, sometimes known as bounty hunters, are trained professionals. They must handle high-stress situations and make safety, both for themselves and the fugitive, their number one priority. They are also skilled at interviewing family members, friends, and associates to learn more about the fugitive’s whereabouts. They are also familiar with the legal process, including a fugitive’s rights.

If a criminal owes bail and fails to attend court hearings, they become a fugitive, and law enforcement may not be able to track them down. Fugitive recovery North Carolina agents are a necessary resource that helps track down these criminals and bring them to justice. They are also able to conduct skip-trace searches and liaise with local authorities. Typically, they have law enforcement or military backgrounds and are experienced in locating fugitives. Some also have a property and casualty insurance license, limited lines, or surety and fidelity bond certifications.


Fugitive recovery agents are usually self-employed and must adhere to regulations set by governing bodies. They may be allowed to carry weapons or tasers but are not permitted to use excessive force. They must also be comfortable with the risks of entering the fugitive’s home or residence to locate and apprehend them.

Bail bonding companies often hire fugitive recovery agents to track down and capture fugitives who have skipped out on their court appearances. These agents have a high success rate and can save the company money in the long run. Fugitive recovery agents are highly skilled and understand the law well.

Despite the popular image of bounty hunters as dangerous and reckless, they usually are very discreet and professional. They can convince fugitives of the benefits of returning to their court proceedings without resorting to physical confrontation. They also have several investigative tools, including surveillance and contact with family members.


If a criminal that has been a direct threat to your family skips bail, you want that person caught quickly. A fugitive recovery agency can help you find this criminal. They will get the information from a bondsman and develop a plan to apprehend them. The process will include:

  • Surveillance.
  • Contact with family and friends.
  • Even entrance to the fugitive’s home.

Fugitive recovery agents need to follow all regulations.

Fugitive recovery agencies can track down about 97 percent of the people they pursue. Although these professionals have a law enforcement or military background, they usually avoid using force and try to convince the suspect that turning himself in is beneficial to their family. They also offer several other incentives, such as the promise of a large sum of money. This helps them capture fugitives without causing injury to either party. Most recovery agents charge between 10-20% of the total bond amount and will also request reimbursement for travel expenses.

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Fugitive recovery agents, often called “bounty hunters,” are generally independent contractors that get paid on a commission basis. They provide professional liability insurance and only get paid if they can locate and apprehend a fugitive. They also pay for a listing which gives them national exposure.

Bail bond agencies often hire bounty hunters to track down and arrest individuals who have jumped their bail or failed to appear for scheduled court appearances. However, a person can also hire a bounty hunter for personal reasons.

Although working in the field of fugitive recovery may not be as exciting as it’s made out to be on some cable television shows, the job can still be quite lucrative. Bounty hunters can operate as solo agents or with an entire team, and they can even branch out to work on inter-state or international skip-tracing cases. It can take time to earn a living from this type of business, but it is possible.


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