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3 tips to keep your warehouse pest-free

There’re many reasons for wanting to keep your warehouse pest-free. The most important is for the health and hygiene of your employees and their working environment. The second is that of the products which you store within your warehouse and their overall safety for when they arrive with your customers. Here are some simple ideas which you can put in force that will help reduce the threat of pests and keep your warehouse environment healthy.

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Fit plastic curtains or strips for external openings

Warehouse pests come in all shapes and sizes. Some walk, and some fly. Installing PVC curtains or strips on external doors that have to remain open for long periods of time can stop many of the flying types of pests such as birds.

You may think of birds as not really being pests at all until you have one flying around your warehouse looking for food, defecating on your products and, if your employees cannot get it out, maybe even dying in a hard-to-reach place.

Many birds, such as pigeons, also have mites, which can bite and cause skin irritation, among other things. If you find you have an infestation, you will have to call in some professionals to deal with it for you, which could wind up being costly for your business. Prevention, in these cases, is much better than the cure.

Make sure that your employees understand the importance of these strips or curtains and do not tie them back to keep the area open.

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Keep your warehouse clean and tidy

Keeping your warehouse clean and tidy, removing rubbish regularly to be placed in lidded bins outside will deter many pests such as flies and rodents. Dealing with any unwanted empty boxes or other packaging by using a compactor or recycling baler cannot only free up space but will stop any pests from finding somewhere to nest or coming in to claim nesting materials.

If your business does not yet have a compactor or recycling baler, have a look at recyclingbalers.com to see what type of machine your business will benefit from the most. There is also an option to buy reconditioned or second-hand machines so you can see the sort of money your business will be looking at.

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Reduce unwanted food items or damaged packaging

There is often damaged packaging within a warehouse. These are areas where pests can get inside and make a home or cause damage to the products housed within. All damage to packaging should be addressed and either replaced or repaired to keep the products safe and secure from pests.

If the packaging contains food, you will need to follow all health and hygiene requirements rather than just patch up the packaging.

Make sure that there are not any unwanted or open food items left lying around your warehouse as these will encourage pests such as flies, wasps, and other insects, rodents, birds, and other animals who like the smell and are hungry.

Place plenty of lidded bins around the areas your employees consume food and actively encourage unwanted items to be binned rather than dumped on the floor. Have the bins emptied regularly with areas kept clean, clear, and tidy at all times.

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