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Safe and Secure: Tips for Finding a Self-Storage Company

Are you moving? Did you inherit a houseful of belongings? Are you opening a new business but need a place to store some equipment? No matter the reason, do you suddenly find yourself in need of a storage unit? Do you want one that you can access on your own? Here are some tips for finding a great storage solution.

Clean and Well-Maintained

When you first see a storage facility Lodi, take a look around at the surroundings. Is the grass overgrown or well-maintained? Is there trash strewn about, or is it placed in the designated areas? Are the roofs peeling, or are they secured and whole? When a company cares about how the outside of the storage unit looks, you can be sure that they also care about the cleanliness of the inside. You want to be able to move your belongings into the unit you rent immediately, not have to sweep and clean it out first.

Safe and Well-Protected

Now that you have a great first impression of the storage units, it’s time to find out about their security features. Some good questions to ask the business are:

  • Do you have security cameras and a video monitoring system?
  • How long do you save the recordings?
  • Are there plenty of security lights for monitoring after dark?
  • How do the security gates operate?
  • How are the self-storage units locked, and who has access to them?

Some storage companies even have extra security features, such as an on-site manager and alarmed storage units, to provide even more protection for your stored items. These are great benefits for extra reliability.

Respectful and Non-Committed

Now it’s time to think about the overall cost. Look for companies that do not require long contracts and will give you a refund for any time in excess of what you paid. Remember, your things still belong to you even while they are in storage. You want to find a company that respects that ownership.

With these few tips, you can now feel confident in your choice of safe and secure self-storage.

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