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What Are The Features of a Lifeline Phone Program?

While high-speed internet access can provide many people with all the resources, they need to be successful, there are still those without computers or smartphones who do not have access to these resources. Many people live in rural areas where expanding broadband infrastructure is cost-prohibitive for private companies. As a result, government agencies have taken charge and created programs that ensure everyone has equal access to phones and other communication technology. The following are common features of a lifeline program.

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Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for a Lifeline phone service program are slightly by state. However, the service generally requires applicants to receive specific forms of public assistance or have an income below or below 135% of the federal poverty level. In addition, applicants must be a resident of choice for their location, meaning they do not currently need to be receiving benefits to qualify for benefits.

Payment Methods

Payment methods vary by provider and state but generally fall into two categories; fixed-fee programs where a set amount is paid regardless of usage and pay-as-you-go plans where everyone pays after they use minutes during a billing cycle. Once someone applies, there are many different ways a lifeline phone program Oklahoma-based program can handle the termination process. For example, some providers will contact a person immediately if something comes up disputing their eligibility.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance for Lifeline phone service programs is vital because the program relies on the goodwill of private companies to provide these services while still making a profit. As a result, certain policies are put in place so that everyone who uses the service can have peace of mind knowing it will be there when they need it.

When you need help the most, there is never a convenient time to receive it. Time passes differently when your worrying takes over your life. There are always improvements that can be made, but progress does not happen without effort, so why wait for someone else’s time to take action? One way to gain independence is through Lifeline cell phones, available at no cost.

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