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MobileMonkey Best Chatbot Builder For Facebook Pages

A Chatbot is a website application which conducts a conversation via voice or text messaging. The computer programs are designed to mimic human conversational behavior. Chatbots are typically used for customer service and website conversion optimization. Some Chatbots use advanced natural language processing systems based on artificial intelligence, but many simpler systems scan for keywords, then pull a reply with the most matching keywords, from a database.

In this article I am going to talk about one such tool that is developed with an aim to make your entry into the messenger marketing world smooth and easy.

MobileMonkey Best Chatbot Builder

Founded by Larry Kim in June 2017, Mobile Monkey allows users to build a fully-functioning chatbot for Facebook messenger without coding knowledge.

MobileMonkey is a platform for Marketers to build, manage and promote their brands with AI Chatbots, one of the most exciting and disruptive new Marketing technologies today. MobileMonkey’s chatbots quickly learn to ask and answer questions about your business; and training your Monkey is as simple as reviewing and answering a handful of questions every couple of days.

MobileMonkey is a platform for Marketers to build, manage and promote their brands with AI Chatbots, one of the most exciting and disruptive new Marketing technologies today. Mobile Monkey is for any Marketer who is tired of the status quo of low conversion rates on Mobile, who’s mission is to connect and engage with new customers 24/7 and who’s performance metrics are revenue and growth.​

MobileMonkey allows you to build a chatbot in minutes with no coding required. MobileMonkey Bots learn quickly to answer any question about your business. Training your Monkey Bot is as simple as answering a few questions every couple of days.

Mobile Monkey Features

  • MobileMonkey proivdes tools for building chatbots that are comparable with other tools aimed at non-technical users, such as ChatFuel. Where it really shines, though, is in the features it provides for marketing professionals.
  • They have a feature called “Chat Blast”, which is just the ability to send messages to multiple users. This could be all your users, or a particular segment.
  • This feature is undoubtedly valuable to marketers. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that other tools also have this feature. For example, Chatfuel has a similar feature they call “broadcasting”.
  • Similarly, MobileMonkey’s live chat feature is similar to Chatfuel’s, available via a plugin.
  • If you are serious about Messenger marketing, however, there are some features that are particularly valuable. MobileMonkey provides sophisticated tools for sending drip campaigns; in particular, the campaign can be targeted at a particular segment. This kind of feature is what have come to expect of email marketing tools; and it is only natural to want to apply the same to Messenger.

Mobile Monkey Chatbot Plans and Pricing

  • Free for unlimited contacts but limited features. This is actually a very generous free tier as it does not require using the MobileMarketing branding, unlike other tools free tiers.
  • $49 a month: includes scheduled blasts, drip campaigns and bot analytics. It is likely that if you are serious about using bots for marketing you are going to want to use some of these features. Limited to 5,000 contacts.
  • $149 a month: agency dashboard, unlimited live bots and Facebook pages, and premier support. Limited to 5,000 contacts. I suspect this offer is just here to make the $49 a month one look more attractive. I can’t see an obvious reason why most people would need this option.


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