Android Spy Apps & Digital Parenting – Welcome to the Modern World

90’s kids used to play outside and watched TV for only a few minutes. In that era, parents did not need any surveillance software to keep an eye on their children because their activities were crystal clear. If we talk about this digital era, we can see how much things have been changed, and also it has made parenting difficult. The question is, what makes parenting the most?  Well, excessive internet usage and mobile phones are the biggest reasons that have increased the parent’s concern for their kid’s safety.

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Increasing parents’ concern has also increased the demand for android spy apps. We call it digital parenting because parents do want to check what their teens & kids online. Online activities are a major source to get involved in illegal activities and cause anxiety & depression.

Today, we are going to discuss how our teens become the victim online and the reason behind their interaction with cyber dangers.

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Teens Trust Every Online Friend – Online Grooming

Making new friends online can release tensions and engage the user for hours. But when teenage girls and boys make their new friends on social networking sites, and they count on them so much that they begin to share their insecurities with them. This fact opens the doors for sexual and online predators. Parents do not check their kid’s online activities, which lets their children face some serious cyber issues.

Our kids make Purchase on Insecure Websites

We have heard many such situations in which our young generation steal their parents ‘credit card details to purchase online products. They have no idea how insecure it is to place an order on insecure sites. Hackers often access such websites and steal credit card details.

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Children Share Personal Data on Social Media

On social networking sites, we have seen many kids who have shared many personal photos and videos plus their home address, etc. Online predators often use these photos and videos to access the children and blackmail them later. Sharing such details easily catch the attention of predators, and they also can use a home or school location to meet the user in person.

Attracts to Inappropriate Content

Teens are the most attractive user to inappropriate content we have seen so far. Some of them search for such content intentionally, but some youngsters interact with such content on random sites. But the reality is that such content leaves negative consequences on the user and can affect their real-life relationships. A user can face mood swings and many other problems by watching constantly such improper content.

Installed New Apps with Malware – Identity Theft

Identity theft refers to the loss of personal data, which is used by cybercriminals to do other criminal activities. This happens when a user installs the unverified apps along with malware. Downloading malware accidentally allows the hacker to access your device and let the hackers access your personal data. It depends on the hacker of how he/she use your personal information.

Digital Parenting – How to Monitor Teens & Kids Using Android Spy Apps?

Digital parenting has become possible with the rise of cyber dangers. But this problem can be solved only when parents know easy kids monitoring ways how to track teens. Using android spy apps, parents can monitor the kid’s screen 24/7. Some advanced apps give complete access to the target phone with advanced features. Now, parents can check the online activities of their children remotely and get their whereabout notifications too. All you need is to choose a reliable source and buy its license to access the target phone without rooting. Check what’s kids do, including text messages, phone calls, social media access, log, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Wrapping Up

We should not hand over the mobile phones to our kids until we don’t create secure cyberspace (using the android spy app). Increasing cyber threats has made digital parenting vital for our youth safety. There are many spyware available in the market for android phones, including TheWiSpy, Spyzie, etc. which parents can use to set the screen time, track IMs, Trace location, etc.


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