How to Make Money from Dailymotion Videos

Dailymotion is 2nd highest video sharing website after YouTube in the world. It was developed and founded by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey in France on march 2005. Basically, Dailymotion is a video website where user can upload, watch and shares their videos same like YouTube. Now the question is how we can Make Money from Dailymotion Videos? Well, This is so simple and easy. It is consist on 3 steps:

 Upload Video     ▶ Monetize    Earn

Make Money from Dailymotion Videos

There are 3 different ways to monetize your dailymotion videos/channel which allows you to earn revenue from your videos and some other features. Those three monetization programs are

1. Video Monetization

Turn views on your uploaded videos into revenue. Video monetization earns you a share of revenue every time an ad is served on one of your videos.

Many videos are served with in-stream advertisement ads that appear before, during, or after videos. Get started by uploading quality content and sharing it to cultivate an audience. As your view counts rise, so will your earned revenue.

2. Paid Content

Rent your videos on demand or on a monthly subscription basis. Paid content lets you rent your videos on demand and/or create a monthly subscription offering for your channel.

Get started by uploading quality content and creating a pricing scheme. Then share your videos to attract paying customers, and you’re on your way.

3. Website Monetization

Embed Dailymotion videos or the Dailymotion widget on your sites.With website monetization, you can earn revenue from embedding videos on your websites. This is a great way to provide premium, relevant content to your users.

There are two ways to use website monetization:

1. Embed: Verify your websites, and simply embed the videos you love.

2. Widget: Customize and embed our widget to automatically provide recommended videos on your site.

Whether you choose to embed videos, the widget, or both, you’ll earn revenue every time an ad is served on one of the videos. If you have some unique videos then upload these videos to Dailymotion, monetize them and Make Money from Dailymotion Videos.

How to Apply for Dailymotion

1. Goto Dailymotion Monetization Page

2. Fill the form as shown in figure

Make Money from Dailymotion Videos

3. Dailymotion will send an email to your email box. Now Confirm Your Dailymotion Account and Activate it.

4. Now upload videos and Monetize it and start to earn.

5. if You have a website and want to earn with your website Goto Dailymotion Settings and Verify your sites to earn extra revenue. Add your website and verify it.

6. Add your banking information. To get paid, you need to add your banking information.

7. You can receive payment by Bank transfer, PayPal and Prepaid debit Master card.

If You have any query feel free to contact us.


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