9 Hidden Features of VLC Media Player You should Know

VLC Media Player is one of the most powerful and popular multimedia free software programs and the most versatile in terms of functionality. So if you are a VLC user, you can now take advantage of 9 features of VLC Media Player that many of you do not know about the program.

Converts media files over VLC Media Player

VLC supports conversion between a wide range of multimedia such as conversion between different video or music formats.

All you have to do is go to the next track> Media> Convert / Save and select the file you want to convert and the format you want to convert to.

Merge videos

You can merge several videos (provided that they are in the same format) via VLC by going to the Media menu and then selecting Open Multiple Files. From the window in front of you, click Add, and add the videos in the order you You want to appear in the final video, then click from the bottom on Convert, then choose where to save the final video on your computer.

If you want to watch any videos (like YouTube videos) or upload them from the Internet via VLC instead of the browser, you can do it easily.

Just go to the Media> Open Network Stream field and on the Network tab place the video link in the URL box and press PLAY to play the video, or to download it to your device, press Convert instead of Play, Place the save on your device.

Record a video clip

One of the great benefits of the program is the ability to record a clip from the video you are watching.

To show this feature, it must be activated by displaying the Advanced Controls option from the View menu. Then you will notice that the red registration button appears and clicking it will start recording.

Screen recording

If you want to record your screen while working on your desktop, VLC lets you easily.

Go to the View menu and select Open Capture Device. You will notice several options appear next to the Capture Mode tab, choose Desktop.

Record the camera

You can also record video from your device’s camera by following the steps above by selecting the Direct Show style instead of the office.

Set the video as wallpaper

If you want to work on your PC and at the same time review a particular video in the background of the computer rather than the image, it can be done through VLC.

Start playing the video on the program as usual, then right-click anywhere in the video, you will see a menu from which you select Video and Set as Wallpaper.

Add a watermark to the video

If you want to add a watermark to your videos, you can easily do so by going to the Tools menu, then Effects and Filters and then selecting the Video Effects tab then OVERLAY, where you can add a logo or tag Watermark for video.

Take a picture of the video

You can also take a picture from any video through the keyboard by pressing SHIFT + S in Windows or Linux, but in the Mac system press CMD + ALT + S and the picture will be automatically saved in the main images folder. It can also be done from a video menu and then take a picture.

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