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How to Buy .Page Domain Name Extension


Google Registry has introduced a new domain name extension, .page, which is now available for webmasters to register. For the time being, .page domains are available from select registrars via the Early Access Program. That means webmasters will have to pay an additional fee for the opportunity to register a .page domain before anyone else.

Standard registrations for .page domains will be available on October 9th. With security being a top priority for Google, websites will require an SSL (HTTPS) certificate in order to use a .page domain.

To help keep your information safe, all .page websites require an SSL certificate, which helps keep connections to your domain secure and helps protect against things like ad malware and tracking injections. Both .page and .app, which we launched in May, will help move the web to an HTTPS-everywhere future.

Those interested in a .page website can check whether their domain name is available to register by visiting get.page.

As Google points out, some of the most sought-after combinations are already taken, such as:

  • Home.page
  • Web.page
  • TurnThe.page
  • Ellen.page

However, there’s still plenty of marketable domain names available. Here’s some I checked that are still available at the time of this writing:

  • Blank.page
  • First.page
  • Last.page
  • AcceleratedMobile.page
  • Yellow.page
  • White.page
  • Blog.page
  • Jimmy.page
  • Bettie.page
  • DiamondDallas.page

Ok, you get the idea by now. I’m having a little too much fun checking out these domain names that I don’t intend to register anyway. So get ’em while they’re hot!

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