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How To Stay on Top of Your Communications

If you are ever overwhelmed by a backlog of emails, texts you’ve forgotten to answer, a tray filled with unopened mail, or calls you’ve never returned, then you might just need a few techniques to help you stay on top of your communications. Read on for some potentially useful ideas.

Stay Organized

First and foremost, organize your communications. Separate your emails into folders, and star the ones you still need to answer. Have a tray on your desk reserved for the most important mail that you need to deal with right away. Make notes in your planner about people you must call or text on a particular day, and then make an effort to check off every item on your list.


You will, of course, have to prioritize your communications. Paying your bills is more urgent than responding to an invitation for a wedding three months from now, for example. Since you can only get so much done in a day, make sure to do what is more important first even though you might sometimes struggle with how to determine the urgency of your communications. Just do your best, and try to be consistent.

Be Concise

Remember, too, that you don’t have to write long messages for every response. You can text people with an acknowledgment and brief reply simply to let them know that your receiving and reading their messages. Emails usually don’t require much more than a short answer to whatever is under discussion. Most of the time, you can be concise, and people will still appreciate your response.

Get Some Help

Finally, you might sometimes get so swamped that you need a little help to catch up. Have a family member pitch in for personal matters, or ask a colleague or secretary to help at work. If you must send a piece of mail at once, hire a company that provides same day express San Diego CA.

Your communications don’t have to overwhelm you. Follow these tips, and come out on top.

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