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7 Delicious Spanish Foods Of 2020 That You Don’t Know

Looking to try out Spanish Foods for the very first time? This brief guide will tell you about some of the most famous and delicious Spanish foods that you must try out.

Spanish food is known for its flavorsome feel and hints of traditional cooking style that stands out from other cuisines from all around the world. Spanish foods have their distinctive feel that is associated with natural ingredients used in making these foods.

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The following are the 7 most popular Spanish Foods that you need to check out when visiting a Spanish Food Joint.

1. Valencian Paella

Valencian Paella is one of the most popular Spanish foods that are widely recognized all over the globe. It has its origins in Valencia. It is primarily made with rice and meat. It contains sofriget sauce that is responsible for its special flavor.

Valencian Paella food is a must for you if you are visiting a Spanish food restaurant for the first time. It is mostly eaten during the lunchtime. The meat is used commonly in Chicken, duck, or rabbit. You can easily find best paella london Restaurants neat you by doing a Google Search.

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2. Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a Tomato-Based soup that is served in most of the Spanish food restaurants. This soup is known for its feature that it is served cold. Sound exciting right? Because it is unlike any other soup that you have ever tried before.

Gazpacho soup is made using Tomatoes, Garlic, Pepper, and bread. Also, a lot of olive oil is added when making this soup which is responsible for the taste as well as the health benefits that it has to offer.

3. Jamon

Jamon, also known is cured ham is one of the most widely consumed Spanish foods in Spain. It is most commonly made during celebrations. The food is basically the leg of a ham that is processed by salting it and hung up to dry for the entire winter season.

Jamon is served with bread. And if you want to judge the quality of a Jamon, you can do that by noticing its slices melt in your mouth as you eat it. According to the la dolce vita athens Jamon and paella is a must for you if you are looking for the best Spanish foods that you want to try.

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4. Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas means Brave Potatoes and this cuisine is known for the classy sauce that comes with it. The serving includes cubed potatoes which are shallow fried. The sauce that is served with it can be spicy tomato ketchup or garlic mayonnaise.

Patatas Bravas is a family dish that is relatively easy to make. Now, if you think are really hungry, you can think of it as an appetizer. It tastes awesome and is available is most of the Spanish food places.

5. Churros

Feeling hungry and it is not lunchtime yet?

No problem! You can try out Churros, which is a popular Spanish snack. It is made using fired dough pastry which is prepared in the sausage shape. This food is widely used for parties and fiestas.

You can eat it by dipping it into hot melted chocolate for the best experience. It is one of the least expensive Spanish foods for you that you can try out.

6. Albondigas

Albondigas are meatballs in tomato sauce. This food is widely popular all over Spain. You can also find a recipe where the meatballs are dipped in almond sauce. It is a delicious Spanish cuisine that you need to check out. It is mostly eaten during the lunchtime. You can find it in most Spanish restaurants here in London.

7. Bacalao

Bacalao is salted cod which is a Spanish seafood dish that you have to try out. The fish that it is made with is not commonly found in local waters. It is captured from salted waters and preserved to make this dish. It is soaked in water for about 24 hours to remove all the traces of salt from it. It can be served in a variety of dishes. It is mostly served with pil-pil sauce which is made with Olive Oil Garlic and the juice of fish.

Make sure to try out all these culinary delights next time when you are in Spain.

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