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How to Save Mobile Internet Data on Android Phones

Internet data plans over smartphones may be limited and often expensive, but unavoidable when wireless networks are not available. So, Here are 7 tips to Save Mobile Internet Data on Android Phones:

Save Mobile Internet Data on Android Phones

Stop data

It does not make sense to look for a way to reduce data consumption while your phone data is running all the time, so it’s important to stop phone data immediately when you do not need it. To extend battery life.

Set data limits

You can monitor the amount of data consumption on your Android phone and set a maximum data consumption on your phone by going to Settings, then using data and activating the “Set mobile data limit” option.

If this option is activated, the mobile data connection will be deactivated automatically when you reach the specified limit you do not wish to override.

Based on alternative applications

There are a lot of applications, especially some social applications like Facebook, which drain phone data a lot .

Instead, you can rely on alternative applications to help you provide data. For example, you can rely on Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite, which are official alternative applications from Facebook.

As a radical solution to the problem of data-draining applications, you can rely on Hermit, an application that allows you to replace your favorite applications with lighter, less data-intensive applications, as well as protecting your privacy.

Built on an effective web browser

Many browsers are available on the Google Play store, which gives priority to providing data while browsing the Internet.

The Opera Mini application is one of the best options available in this area, offering an array of powerful features without consuming your data plan.

As an additional option, Flynx is a very effective interpreter for data provision, privacy and multitasking.

Update over wireless network only

Updating applications on your smartphone is draining Internet data a lot, so be sure to adjust your Google Play Store settings so that apps are updated over the wireless network only.

To do this, run the Google Play Store app and go to Settings and choose to automatically update apps. From the options you choose, choose “Automatically update applications over Wi-Fi only”.

Depends on offline status

Many apps allow you to use offline content, for example Google Maps allows you to download and use maps when you do not have an Internet connection.

So when you’re connected to the wireless network, take advantage of these features in your favorite applications, so you do not activate the mobile data feature.

The application was based on data compression

You can take advantage of some applications that compress all data before sending it to the phone to maintain longer browsing times by reducing data consumption.

The Opera Max application is one of the most effective in this area. The application allows you to surf the Internet, listen to music and watch videos without worrying about the Internet package, thanks to its ability to compress content efficiently.

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