Essential Android Apps of Our Daily Use

The latest discoveries in modern technology are the Internet, e-mail, and mobile phones. The contribution of Android phones in our daily lives is very important. And the role of Android apps is not less. We have some apps on our Android phone that don’t work without us. Such as Photo cleaner app, video app, Moneymaking app, Firefox, MX player, Facebook Messenger, Snap chat, VLC player, Snap seed, etc. Android Apps is an operating system that allows us to do a lot of work at home. Any data can be transferred, supports GPS location, audio-video recording, and viewing, camera, the microphone can be used; you can also do banking at home. You can do it effortlessly through these apps.

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So let’s take a look at the role of some of the essential apps in our busy lives.

1. Photo Cleaner app:

As long as we have time on hand, if the background of another place is interesting, we can’t help but capture the photo. And with that, there is a selfie. However, if the picture is not clear on your phone, then it is very upsetting, but it is not a problem to have a photo cleaner app on Android phones.


  • It allows you to delete unpredicted pictures of your phone in a few seconds.
  • You probably love to take pictures, and that’s why you take so many pictures. But there may be some pictures in it that are indeterminate. Removing them one by one may not always be feasible, but for these apps, you can easily delete pictures together.
  • Backup is another great feature of this. After you delete an image, you may need it again, and then you can go to the Deleted folder and get back the deleted images back.
  • However, you can install this app on any Android phone or iPhone.

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2. Video App:

Posting various funny videos on social media, acting, dancing, and singing, etc. are very familiar to us. And we use different video apps to do this. This is the advantage of these Android apps. Like Adobe Premiere Rush, Filmic Pro, iMovie, Pro Cam 7, Camera Plus Pro, etc.


  • Video apps can be used to make videos with any other soundtrack by changing the recording of any video. Video can also metamorphose to slow motion and swift.
  • Any still picture can be created as a video.
  • A picture can be made attractive with a variety of functions.
  • A simple picture can be seen as a slide show.

3. Moneymaking App:

The android phone is a sophisticated invention. Here are some money-making apps from which you will get money. Such as Swag bucks, Binance, Perk App, Payment, Moo cash, etc.

  • These apps need to be installed on your phone. If you see advertisements here and play games with them, you will get paid according to your maximum score.
  • Again, you will get paid if you can install an app and complete the task given there.
  • Also, there are some apps that if you install Google will give you some surveys, and from there you will be asked questions. If you answer it correctly, you will win.

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4. Dropbox:

Dropbox is an app where you can save the files you need, and back them up as needed.


  • You can use this app for free. It has up to 2 GB of free storage in its storage; where you can keep any of your important documents in PDF file format.
  • Its security is very high so there is no panic of hacking.
  • These apps are very easy to use; you can share files from now on.

5. Cam Scanner:

Some of the essential benefits of a camera scanner are-


  • With the camera scanner, you can fix any image that may have been rotated.
  • An image you want as a document may be curved. You can fix such pictures in these apps.
  • You can crop any image and send it as a PDF or JPG.

6. Google Search:

We are all more or less close to Google App. We can call Google our partner in one way or another. Among the best Android apps, Google App is truly a great gift. Something that you don’t find when you search Google is not true. Weather news, economic news, study news, political issues, market situation, celebrity news, songs, dances, cinema, etc. we get a lot of things easily from now on. You don’t have to pay to use Google Apps.

7. Alarm Clock- Alarmy:

The contribution of the alarm clock is very important in our lives. We all like to keep up with the times. And that is why it is important to wake up on time in the morning. The alarm clock is a unique way to break the laziness in the morning; many of us have the habit of sleeping by setting alarm on the phone. Also, the alarm is turned off by taking pictures in these apps.

8. MX Player:

MX Player is very essential among Android apps. You can watch any video here. You can forward the videos from now on. Volume controls, zooming, screen locking, and more are possible. You can also watch any movie, video online at MX Player.


Android phones have brought a lot of prosperity in our life journey, improved the communication system. We saw several Android apps which are very important in our daily life. Many such apps are associated with our daily life. If you want you can find many more apps like this from Google. Come on, you will like these.


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